The History and Many Uses of Nubuck Leather

Nubuck Leather was made by coating rawhide with animal fat or vegetable oil, treading rawhide on a rough surface, scraping off the loose material, and then curing it under pressure. Now nubuck can be found in basically anything from shoes to handbags. Nubuck leather is a type of cloth that can be used for many different purposes. It’s not just for shoes anymore!

What is Nubuck Leather

Nubuck leather is a type of leather that has been treated with an abrasive substance, called nubuck. This machine-abraded material was originally used on shoes for their durability. Now, the material is also used to make jackets, shoes, and other accessories. A fine-grained, high-quality leather is mixed with the nubuck and then molded into a shape. The results are finished edges that are often used for decorative treatments. What is nubuck leather? Nubuck is a type of suede leather that is made through the process of removing the top layer of the hide. This top layer is called the nap. This process gives it a smooth surface with an uneven grain pattern, which makes nubuck different than other types of leather. The removal also leaves distinctive wavy markings on the surface. For these reasons, many consider nubuck to be more durable than most other types of leather.

History of Nubuck Leather

Nubuck leather is believed to have originated in villages of the U.K., during the Middle Ages. The nubuck leather was produced on or near the village tanneries. As time progressed, the tanneries moved away from the village and produced nubuck leather further down south. The tannery workers hand-stitched nubuck leather pieces by sewing the pieces together by using a hammer and nails. The seams of the pieces were usually uneven, but this caused no problem because the imperfections of the seams were hidden by the raised grain raised on the nubuck leather. Throughout the years, the stitching was perfected and the processing of nubuck leather became more efficient.

Uses of Nubuck Leather

Nubuck leather has many uses because it is a natural material. It can be used for shoes, jackets, purses, bags, as well as other accessories. Nubuck leather can also be used in clothing, with a variety of colors and designs. The price of nubuck shoes is usually higher than other types of leather because it is more durable and adaptable to different uses. This type of leather also has an aging process that makes the material stronger and more durable. Designers usually use nubuck leather in high-quality shoes and other accessories. It is also used in the manufacturing of car seats, sofas, and sports equipment. Nubuck leather can be found in many different colors and designs, and can even be dyed to fit a specific need or color. Nubuck leather is more practical than other types of leather because it is more durable and adaptable to different uses.

What is the Difference Between Nubuck Leather and Suede?

Nubuck is another type of leather material, but it is a softer version of leather. It has a beige to brown color and the texture is grainy. Nubuck leather is shinier, but it is expensive. It is used on some high-end shoes or handbags. Suede is a type of leather that is commonly used. This type of leather is also expensive, but it has a nice texture and beige to brown color. Suede leather is good for high-end shoes and handbags.

Care and Repairs of Nubuck Leather

A nubuck leather shoe is a kind of leather with a layer of coarse, unevenly cut fibers under the smooth, softer top layer. If properly cared for, it will last longer than most other types of shoes.

Cracks in Nubuck leather can often be repaired and should be done by a professional. The reason for this is that if you try to repair a split in Nubuck leather yourself, the split can spread further resulting in a completely ruined pair of shoes.


There are many uses for nubuck leather that range from shoes and purses to jewelry. It is not feasible to list them all here, but the blog gives a great overview of the history and many uses of nubuck leather.

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