Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing PU Leather Shoes

PU leather Shoes are a popular choice because they usually cost less than shoes created with other materials such as leather and because they’re not as heavy to wear. While the low price may be appealing, it isn’t worth embracing if you don’t know whether or not these shoes will hold up in the long term. Here are some things you need to know before purchasing shoes made of PU leather.

Are PU Leather Shoes Comfortable to Wear?

PU leather shoes are not as comfortable as real leather shoes. However, it is still slightly softer than synthetic leather. It is best to buy one of the most comfortable PU shoes. For this, one has to search for higher quality, fashionable shoes.

Does the PU leather Shoe Smell?

As with any type of leather, it does not smell like anything. However, it is good to clean the shoes at least once a week because dirt and skin oils can build up and cause leather smells. Shoes also need to be cleaned every time you get in or out of them.

Are PU leather Shoes Water-Resistant?

PU leather shoes are water-resistant. They are not waterproof, but it is recommended to shake off the water before wearing them.

Do PU Shoes Breath Properly?

It does not have a lot of ventilation holes as it is breathable. This means that the moisture from your feet can drop quickly if the air is dry. If you choose a shoe that is a bit too small, the sweat will collect from your foot and from your heel. You may experience this as a freshwater foot odor or as a bad smell.

How to Clean PU Shoes?

It is recommended that you use a damp cloth to wipe it clean. After, you should use the cleaning spray to get rid of the stains.

Are PU Shoes Dust-Resistant?

PU shoes are not dust-resistant, they will easily be damaged by dust. It is best to use a shoe bag or pillowcase to stop the dust from spreading.

Are PU Shoes Heat-Resistant?

PU shoes are not heat-resistant. It is recommended to avoid wearing PU shoes when it’s hot as the material will melt due to the high temperature, and the shoes will be deformed.

Are PU Shoes Good for Outdoor Activities?

PU shoes are not good for outdoor activities like hiking, hunting, or camping. The only time PU shoes are good for outdoor activities is in the summer when it’s not too cold, and for a short period.

Does PU leather Shoes Have Any Special Features?

PU shoes have special features like the ones below-

Asymmetric soles: PU shoes with asymmetric soles are very comfortable and durable.

Removable insoles: Removable insole is another special feature of PU shoes. They can be removed for better arch support and more comfortable wearing.

Harder Sole: Harder sole shoes are very sturdy and durable. They are harder than the normal soles and this helps them to last longer.

Shock Absorbing: Shock absorbing shoes add comfort and security to your feet when you walk. They reduce the shock from outside elements and absorb it inside your shoes, which is very comfortable for your feet.


After reading the points above, you must have understood that there are different types of PU shoes available in the market with various features. You can shop for them depending on your preferences. You don’t have to buy a pair of shoes blindly. You can consider the brand as well as the type of shoes before buying them.

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