Everything You Want to Know About Leatherette

When you are in the market for new furniture, you might want to consider leatherette. What is it exactly? Why use it? And what are its benefits? Leather in the furniture industry is very durable and it can be made in a variety of different colors and leather textures. But when it comes to upholstering and designing modern furniture, leatherette is a perfect choice. It dresses up any piece of furniture and adds to the overall look of the piece. It has a smooth feel, is durable, and can be used in all seasons without any worries about wear and tear. This article will give you brief information about this material that you need to know in order to choose the perfect leatherette product.

What is Leatherette?

Leatherette is a type of textile that will have a smooth surface and contain a distinct nap. It can be made from a variety of materials, including silk, cotton, wool, hemp, nylon, and polyester.

Leatherette, otherwise known as vinyl, is a man-made material used to make leather look like natural animal skin. The name comes from Leatherette, a shoe material made by various companies in the early 20th century.

When did the name “leatherette” come into life? It was around 1920 that several shoe companies started making a man-made material that was similar to leather, but not quite the same. The material did not help with waterproofing, however, and it was fragile. The material was known as “leatherette” or “vinyl” in France, and became better known as “vinyl. Eventually the word “leatherette” was dropped.

How is Leatherette Made?

Leatherette is synthetic leather. It started out of a process called vat-dyed natural fibers. The process involves pulling a thread through a porous material and dipping it in a dye solution. The solution seeps into the fiber, causing it to change colors. After the leatherette is dyed, it is essentially natural leather that is made from plastic or paper instead of animal hides. It is much thinner and lighter than natural leather and can be dyed in many different colors. Leatherette is usually dyed with a color that matches the rest of the material, but it can be dyed any color.

Uses of Leatherette

Leatherette is used as seat covers for automobiles. It is also used in the manufacture of musical instrument cases, toy car bodies, furniture upholstery, footwear upholstery, furniture, pouches, table cloths, steering wheel covers, protective pads, etc.

leatherette sofa

Pros and Cons

Pros of Leatherette:

  • Leatherette is easy to clean, it’s durable, and does not require any maintenance. Also, it looks great at home or in the office.
  • Its soft-touch texture also makes it more comfortable for you to sit on.
  • It’s easy to carry and store, but at the same time, it’s compact enough to put in your room.
  • Leatherette is also easy to attach to other fabrics, so you can use it to make pillows, cushions, and many more types of furniture.

Cons of Leatherette:

  • The biggest challenge is that it’s sometimes hard to find a leatherette.
  • It’s affordable, but it is not the most durable material on the market.
  • It easily gets damaged, so it’s essential to protect the furniture once it’s already out of its box.
  • If you use it extensively, it can get stained easily.
  • The material tends to get dirty pretty quickly because of the dust particles in the air.
  • Because it’s not very durable, you have to get rid of it when the furniture becomes old or loses its luster.


Elegant and refined, leatherette is a flexible material that can be used in different ways. It’s often seen in the automotive industry due to its protective properties. There are various types of leatherette depending on what it is being used for. For example, if you’re looking for a tone-on-tone fabric in your home, leatherette would be a perfect choice.


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