How to Pick the Right Leather Sectional Sofa?

Awesome! You’re in the shop for a new leather sectional sofa. Whether you’re looking for a quality piece of furniture that will last generations or just want to update your living room, we’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect one. I’m sure it’s overwhelming and confusing and you might not know where to start. Well, we’ve got an article full of tips and tricks to make it easy on you!

What is a Sectional Sofa?

Sectional sofas are long, typically seating three to four people on each side of the section. They are often amenable to being rearranged to suit different configurations for entertainment, parties, and other activities. Sectionals are also often moveable with rollers or caster wheels at the base. Sectional sofas normally have a back. Sometimes they may include a chaise or other seating as well.

Types of Sectionals

One of the most popular types of sectionals is the three-piece. This option is perfect for people who want to split their living room into sections, like one for reading and one for watching TV. Another type is a two-piece sectional where each side can be configured to make an L, U, or your choice of shape with the corner piece. The L shape is for people who like to recline on their sofa, while the U shape is for people who want to lay down more comfortably. The last type of sectional is the two-sectional with a center section and one end piece for people who want to keep it simple.

Making the Decision to Buy a Leather Sectional Sofa

The decision to purchase a leather sectional sofa is not an easy one. Like any big purchase, it should be done with the right amount of research and understanding of what you need in order to make your space comfortable. First, decide how many pieces are needed for your space. Keep in mind that, unlike regular sofas, they fall down evenly on all sides. So, you will need extra space in your living room or family room.

Also, pay attention to the size of the pieces. If you have a larger living room or family room, look for a sectional with a sofa that will fit all the pieces. If you have a small space, look for a sofa with only two pieces so that you can still have extra seating for guests. If you need extra seating, look for a sectional sofa with additional slipcovers. When buying an entire sectional sofa for your living room, you may be tempted to buy the cheapest piece. While it is important to save money on the sofa, it is also important to make sure that the piece you are buying is one that will work well. Look through the reviews on a piece of furniture, and make an informed choice.

You should also know how you will be using your sectional sofa. Living room sofas are used for a lot of different things including sleeping, watching TV, and lounging. Some people have a sofa in the living area and a sofa in their bedroom. Know how you will be using your sofa before choosing one for your home.

Choosing A Right Leather For Your Sectional Sofa

You’ve picked out your new sectional sofa, now you have to pick a leather. The leather is going to determine the feel and look of your couch. There are a lot of different options on the market so it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. Here’s a breakdown of some of the options:

There are different types of leather used for making sofas.

Full-Grain Leather: It’s a bit more rugged than other types. It’s an ideal leather for outdoor use, but it’s also cold-resistant and water-resistant. Full-grain leather is more pliable and can be altered very easily. It’s less expensive than suede and has a bit of a grainy finish, so it has a more authentic feel. Full-grain leather is the most popular type of leather in this guide. If you want something with a bit more heft and sass, then full-grain leather is the way to go.

Bonded Leather: It’s a very thick, smooth leather that is quite similar to suede in some ways. Bonded leather is a bit more durable and a little more expensive than nappa, but it’s still a good choice for most people. Although it’s thicker than suede, it’s still pliable. It’s also more affordable than calfskin or nappa leather. Choosing between bonded and nappa is a matter of personal preference and budget.

Nappa leather: If you want something more authentic and less expensive than bonded leather, look for nappa leather. It’s still pretty thick, but not as stiff as bonded leather. Nappa leather also has a slightly more distressed style than bonded leather, which some people prefer. If you don’t want to choose between bonded and nappa, just ask for both in the same order.

Suede Leather: Suede leather is very soft and comfortable, but it can be more expensive than bonded or nappa leather. You should also carefully inspect the underside of the suede to see if it’s been dyed. If you’re allergic to dyes, this could be a problem. If you see dye stains, you may want to choose another type of leather.

PU Leather: PU leather is a combination of plastic and polyurethane. It’s extremely strong and soft, but it can be harder to clean than other types of leather. You may need to use more treatment on it than with other types of leather.

Tips for Shopping for a Leather Sectional

  • Make sure that the sofa you choose is full-grain leather. The higher grades of leather can be stronger and more resistant to scratches and tears than lower grade leather.
  • Buy the best quality cushions that you can afford. This is because the leather will flatten and become worn out over time if not used on a regular basis.
  • Buy leather that will match or be close to the color of the wood used in the frame of your sofa. This will help to maintain the natural beauty of both and will also help them to look good.
  • Be sure that you choose a style that is well within your budget. This is because leather sofas are more expensive than other types of furniture.
  • Invest in a quality leather sofa protector. It is essential to protect your leather furniture from everyday wear and tear that can cause a variety of issues. Do not use a so-called protector – it will only serve to cause unnecessary damage.
  • If you are looking for a leather sofa, do not choose a sofa bed. A sofa bed will not be able to support the weight of a full-size mattress and may damage your new purchase. Select a sleeper sofa instead.
  • Before buying a sofa, check the depth of the couch. Typically, a depth between 18 and 20 inches is ideal – however, it depends on the size of your home and personal style.
  • Look through the many styles and brands available at your local furniture store, and try to find a style that speaks to you. Simply follow your instinct – a sofa that feels good to sit on is the best choice for you and won’t be replaced every few years.
  • When choosing a sofa, look for one that is sturdy and well-made. If you choose an overstuffed or “faux” PU leather sofa, it may not hold up well over time.


I hope this guide has been helpful and that you’re now more informed on what to look for when purchasing a leather sectional sofa.

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