What is Pebbled Leather? How To Use It?

Most people think of leather as a fabric, from cows or sheep, and use it to make their shoes and other accessories. However, there is another type of leather that you can find in some high-end products: pebbled leather. Find out how this unique material works and what you can do with it today!

What Does Pebbled Leather Look Like?

The pebbled leather is a type of leather that has been specially treated to give it a rough, irregular texture. It consists of small, uneven pieces of leather with a brown or black coloration, with the most prominent appearance on the surface of the leather. This kind of leather has become very popular due to its rich appearance and durability.

How to Use

The pebbled leather is an incredibly durable material that is made from the scraps of leather that are cut off when they are processed into new pieces. It can’t be compared to smooth leather, but its qualities make it ideal for upholstery. This type of leather may come in brown, black, or grey colors, and can be used on everything from bags to furniture.

How To Care

One of the downfalls of pebbled leather is that it’s seen as a good replacement for suede. However, as a result of the process the leather goes through to create this texture, it tends to be more fragile. This makes it difficult to clean because handling can cause scratches and scuffs. Here are some great ways you can use to keep your pebbled leather looking brand new:

Leather Cleaner/Degreaser: First things first, make sure you look at the product label before purchasing a leather cleaner. There are many products that claim to be leather cleaner but are actually degreasers. Do not use these on your pebbled leather! You will end up with greasy, dull leather. Instead, purchase a product specifically designed for your pebbled leather. Here are some great choices.

Conditioner: Now that your leather is clean, the next step is to condition it. This can be done by applying a special cream or lotion made for pebbled leather. Keep in mind that conditioner will not be effective on colorfast leather, so this is to be used after your leather has dried. The cream or lotion will help to restore the natural oils and replenish the fibers of your pebbled leather.

Wax is used to enhance an old leather piece. There are many types of wax. Liquid wax is the most used for all restored leather items. This product usually comes in a jar in a brown bottle. The wax is mixed with a solvent and brushed onto the leather to protect it from dirt and body oils and to give it a sheen. If the product is not mixed with the solvent, then the wax will come off onto your clothing. You will then be left with just the wax on your leather item. If you choose to mix the product with the solvent, it can be used on many different types of leather.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using Pebbled Leather?


  • Pebbled leather has a variety of uses. It’s used for jackets, shoes, belts, furniture, bags, and even purses.
  • The look and feel of a pebbled leather jacket is a unique one. It’s a very nice feeling to the touch and it doesn’t have that cheap, synthetic feel that you get from a non-pebbled leather jacket. 
  • It is a very durable material. It’s one of the most resistant types of leather on the market today. This means that it can withstand prolonged use but won’t wear out over time. If you want a jacket that will last the test of time, look no further than pebbled leather.
  • It’s also a great choice for people who like to show off their personalities. Pebbled leather jackets are not only extremely stylish but they’re also very unique. If you want to stand out from the crowd and be remembered, you’ll want to get a pebbled leather jacket.
  • The main quality of pebbled leather is its resistance to wear and tear. The pebbly texture of the leather is what makes it durable. It’s also a feature that will make your jacket stand out from all the other leather jackets.
  • There are some pebbled leather jackets that have a waxy look to them. This does not mean that they’re wearing on in this way. It’s simply the look of the leather in many cases when you see it up close. This is because of how it’s been processed. The waxier they look, the more expensive they are.


  • It is quite expensive and somewhat difficult to clean because oils tend to permeate the material.
  • It may rip or tear if not treated properly.
  • Not all colors and patterns are offered for each product. It is easier to see dirt and stains on this type of leather than other types.
  • This material can be prone to cracking after a while.


The pebbled leather is an alternative material for coating the surface of shoes, bags, furniture, etc. It has the appearance of textured leather that is scraped with a pumice stone. This creates unique patterns, while also being very durable and scratch-resistant.

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