Tooled Leather: The Future of Custom Leather

Tooled leather is a more modern approach to traditional leather crafting. Using tools, such as punches and shears, the craftsman creates a design pattern on an existing piece of leather. This process is extremely time-consuming and difficult, but with the use of new technology, it can be done in half the time and with fewer human errors.

What is Tooled Leather

Tooled Leather is a high-quality, custom leather product made from hand-sanding and carving natural leather. It uses an adhesive to create the dimensional effects of tooling on the surface of the leather. These are typically used for belts, bags, wallets, and other leather accessories, with an authentic leather appearance. The finished look depends on the complexity of the design, which can range from simple to complex. You can customize your Tooled Leather product with your logo, initials, photos, or other designs that you choose to place on the surface of the leather.

Details on the Process and Final Result Of Tooled Leather

Tooled Leather is a process where the leather is hammered down and sewn together to become one piece. This process has been used since the 1800s, but there are new ways to use this process that make it possible for people with disabilities to work in the industry.

Different ways to make tooled leather:

1. Hand-Tooled

Hand-tooled leather is where the leather is hand-made down to the desired thickness, then sewn together. This process has been used in leatherwork for thousands of years. This method of leathermaking is still used today in some places around the world for small-scale production (Hokkien, China; India). Hand-tooled leather is a slow and laborious process that takes a long time to complete, however, it does provide the same quality of leather in the end. The process of hand-tooling is very simple, but the skill level required to complete this technique varies greatly depending on the skill of the person who is hand-tooling. Hand-tooled leather costs are very high because it takes a lot of time to create each piece.

2. Laser-Cutting

Using a laser cutter, this method is becoming more popular because it can be cheaper and more efficient than hand tooling, however, it is also slower and laborious. There are many different lasers that can be used to cut leather. Some lasers use a filament and others use gases, but the laser always begins with a white surface. The laser will cut through the leather or other material at different spots depending on how deep it wants to cut and the speed. Laser-cut leather is very expensive because it takes a lot of time to make each piece.

3. Hand-Forging

This is a process that takes a lot of time and work, but it can be a very cost-effective option. This method is both time-consuming and laborious, but it still allows you to create a lot of unique items.

Final Result :

Whether you’re a shopper or a dealer, there’s nothing quite like Tooled Leather to give your whole life an upgrade. In the near future, you might even be able to say that your leather comes from you – that it is custom-made for you and tailored to fit your lifestyle.

Pros And Cons Of Tooled Leather

Tooled leather is a type of custom leather that is created in an industrial setting where the cutter uses tools to cut out the design in the leather. The benefit of tooled leather is that it can be made to look like any kind of design, whereas most other types require patterns to be drawn. Tooled leather also offers more durability than other forms of custom leather because the tools are used to create the pattern instead of human hands. The disadvantage is that tooled leather does not look as authentic or natural. The leather may also be less flexible than other types, so your item may not bend as easily.

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