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About ullu

ullu creates fine premium leather products that delightfully combine style and utility, and offer a lifestyle upgrade to genuine luxury. Each of our products is passionately handcrafted and finished by a single artisan - from the first cut to the last stitch.
Handmade from the best quality leathers, our accessories are available in a choice of tasteful colors, designs, and finishes. We believe that each of our products is unique, with its own character and identity that cannot be replicated.


ullu is a luxury brand that offers exquisitely handcrafted premium leather accessories. Every product that we make is lovingly crafted by a skilled artisan, imparting a character and personality that is truly unique. We create products that imagine fashion as a stylish and creative solution for very practical needs, and offer a seamless blend of form and function. ullu products aim to deliver unmatched luxury, fine craftsmanship and top-notch quality to buyers. Our products and designs are inspired by our truly discerning patrons that value quality and appreciate the finer things in life.


The company is deeply committed to high-quality craftsmanship – ullu leather products are handmade from the first cut to the final stitch. Careful inspection at every step ensures precision made, impeccable products. Our facilities provide a best-in-class working environment, with special focus on ergonomics and safety. ullu practices sustainable and responsible manufacturing by buying our leathers from reputable sources – the hides that we buy are tagged to certify ethical and legal sourcing. We follow robust legal and industry standards so that our customers can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using an ethically created product.


At ullu, we are committed to create impeccable products that delight our customers. This means an obsessive quality check at each step of production, and careful inspection of the finished pieces. We overlook no detail in our pursuit of perfection - we compulsively check each cut and every stitch to ensure a meticulous finish and seamless fit.


ullu merchandisers travel to the ends of earth to find the best quality material for our products. Top grain cow leather from Italy, iconic alligator leather from USA, choicest ostrich leather from South African Karoo, stingray leather from the golden shores of Thailand - no distance is too much for us. We craft our products with meticulous attention to details - even our inner lining material and zippers are sourced from the best producers available. ullu proudly uses leather brought from ethical and sustainable sources.