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iPhone Wally Cases

Wally iPhone case: your perfect companion

Instead of putting a clumsy cover on your new iPhone, get a stylish ullu wally case that is designed to protect and serve. Hand-colored by expert colorists, our unique wally case will make your phone look even more stylish and provide it with the necessary protection level. Besides, the card slots attached to the cases will add functionality and convenience to it. How many times did you wish you could track your wallet? Guess what? - Now, since your iPhone case can also be your wallet, you can track it with the Find My iPhone app from other Apple devices. Besides, agree that having fewer things to carry around sounds liberating.

Save time and space with an exclusive ullu wally case

ullu version of a wally wallet iPhone case has three slots attached to the case to carry your ID, credit cards or cash. So, whenever you want to travel light, this case is your perfect option.

We sell wally cases that are manufactured from either genuine premium or hand-colored Italian leather.

There are cases for all latest versions of iPhone, from 5S to X. The variety of colors such as Olive, Smoke up, Purple Haze, Navy Blue, Lime, Tangerine and other, allows finding a wally wallet case for iPhone that will be perfect for any occasion and type of outfit. Use filters to find your ideal case.

Additionally, you can personalize your ullu wally case by adding a unique monogram for just $10.

Find a perfect match for your new phone

When you order a wally case at ullu, it will come to you in a nice box that will also contain a screen protector and a microfiber cloth. Thus, if you have just upgraded your iPhone, this 2 in 1 option will make it a great deal. Your phone will be fully protected, and even if it slips out of your hands, you won’t need to worry about scratches and a broken screen.

Find your perfect case and order it today. It will be shipped to you within 5-7 business days. ullu ships internationally for free on orders over $99. Read more information about ullu shipping terms here. In case you want to buy our products in bulk for re-selling, send us your inquiry by filling out our online form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

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