July 30, 2017

Now, we all know and openly admit that we love smartphones and can’t do without them. But we also have realization of the unintentional yet silly things we do to them. A smartphone protection survey by Kelton Research states that nearly half of all smartphone users have lost, damaged or got their smartphones stolen at some point in time and only 35 per cent have had their phones insured.

Out of those who have had their phones damaged, 37 per cent had their screens scratched, 29 per cent had spilled a drink on their phones, 29 per cent had the phones falling down the stairs and believe it or not but 20 per cent carelessly dropped their phones into the toilet! Ouch!

These facts and figures give us good reasons to protect our expensive smartphones with phone covers or cases to safeguard them. Phone cases, especially the flip cases, offer protection to quite a large extent and can heavily reduce the damage caused from unforeseen events and involuntary incidents. Flip cases not only provide protection to your phone from the back, but they entirely encase your smartphone thereby protecting the corners and the screen. Fundamentally, a flip cover can alone solve the purposes of a regular phone cover, a bumper case, and a tempered glass screen protector, all combined.

The smartphone cases that offer the best protection may seem to be a bit expensive to some people, but when you analyse it in comparison to the value of money you may have to spend to mend the damage caused to your smartphone, you will definitely be relieved. You just cannot buy a new phone (especially if the latest iPhone generation is what you seek) every time you damage your dear phone, or cannot frequently replace the sensitive camera lens if damaged or cannot even change the screen of the phone every time it falls and shatters the glass screen. And, let’s face it, insurance is an added phone expense very few of us believe in. The PiggyBack Case from ullu takes care of your iPhone and shields it like a pro. The genuine leather finish ensures a firm grip so your phone does not slip out of your hand and also simultaneously lends a trendy look as an accessory that makes the PiggyBack Case worth its while. Apart from damage protection, there are several other benefits that smartphone users receive with the ullu’s Piggyback Case.

The intelligent craftsmanship of the Piggyback case ensures there is no interference of this fine leather accessory with the docking system. You can conveniently access all the portholes, including the headphone jack, mic, charging input, etc. You will no longer have to stress to take the case off your phone to charge it or hook it to your stereo.

Another good reason to use the Piggyback case is cleanliness. A complete day’s grind exposes your hand-held devices to not just damage but also to other experiences. You now get to keep your phone clean without any effort as dirt, dust, and grime remains at bay and won't build up on your phone as long as you are using this case.

The next benefit of the Piggyback Case is the style quotient. Your smartphone remains with you all day long and becomes a part of you, so why not ensure it is as stylish as you are? After all, a lot of people judge a book by its cover. So why not gift yourself a case that is both useful and trendy. A uniquely textured and colored case also makes sure that you can spot your phone through clutter or identify it if ever you have to distinguish it. You can choose from a myriad of colors between different textured finishes of premium leather and hand painted leather. Some of the colors are Bloody Hell, Milk Chocolate, Indian Pink, Olive Green and Turqish Delight.

And now the biggest advantage of the ullu's Piggyback case – the utility. Who could have thought that a phone cover could serve the dual purpose of both acting as a phone cover and a wallet? Ullushop did. Yes, the Piggyback Case not only holds your precious smartphone but also offers you five sleek pockets to hold your cash, credit or debit cards, photo ID cards and driver’s license. While the right side of the case clutches the phone, the left side has all the pockets. The snap on case makes use of a magnet clasp is tested to close securely so your valuables are safe.

Once smartphone owners are familiarized with the benefits and specifications of the Piggyback case cum wallet, it is difficult for them to opt for any other phone case. The ullu’s Piggyback case is available from USD 59 for the following iPhone devices –

  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6S Plus
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone SE

Now that you understand the science behind using protective flip cases for expensive smartphones, Happy Shopping!

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