January 07, 2015

Tie bars, I feel, are going the way of the hat. More and more gentlemen are shunning them every passing year, and a lot of the remaining do not wear it properly.

What surprises me most is the gentlemen that are careful enough to wear cuff links, but ignore the tie bar!

Tie bars are like a spice in some delectable oriental dish - if you don’t add it, the dish would still fill the belly, but will not taste as great. Wearing a tie bar enhances the look of a suit ever so slightly.

If you are still wearing a suit sans a tie bar, my earnest advice would be to get one (or few) immediately - they are not particularly pricey or hard-to-get.

Tie Bar for the Gentleman

And when you do get them, here are five tips to wear tie bars in the best way -

1) Silver is the best accent - gold is the next. You can choose between the two by matching with the other accessories that you are wearing - say your belt buckle. Solid color bars are next in order; please avoid blingy, rock-studded pieces like a plague!

2) The width of the tie bar should never, repeat, NEVER exceed the width of the tie itself. The tie bar should cover at least half, and at the most, three-quarters of the tie’s width.

3) Clip (or slip) the tie bar between the third and the fourth button of your shirt. Higher positioning in this range will give a slimmer look.

4) Break the chains - really. The muted glint of a tie bar is enough to draw an appreciating eye - you do not need to attach a chain to it!

5) The tie bar needs to clip the two ends of your tie to your shirt placket. Don’t let it hang loose.

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