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February 09, 2019

With the most fascinating watch launches by Apple having fancy features and quirky designs what remains striking is how Apple amazes its targeted audience with the powerful updates in its watches which come via the watchOS software updates to the feature set. Interestingly, all these watchOS updates remain to be free. All that remains to be required to get the upgraded version is the installation on the personal device of the user. Let’s get into the details of the intriguing details about the launch of watchOS 6.

Expected launch date

If we observe the pattern of the earlier four launches of watchOS updates, the trend seems to be clear that the expected announcement will happen at WWDC 2019 in June. After the announcement in summer, the launch for the public will happen in autumn. So, it can be concluded that watchOS 6 updates will be available for the public in September. The prediction is adequately supported by the trends set up by Apple for its last four watchOS updates.

A beta testing version will be pre-released for the developers, soon after the probable announcement.

Features to look for

Apple watch users can’t contain the excitement and are looking forward to the following add on features with the launch of updated watchOS  6

The present users are keen to have multi-user competition; here, of course, the intended idea is to have more than two users. More people joining in will enhance the difficulty level manifold, adding to the thrill. Having this feature would require slight variations in the interface of scorekeeping, but otherwise, the change looks easy to be implemented.

Furthermore, there seems to be a lot of keenness in the users to have always – on display, though the logic seems to be accepted that this would lead to more consumption of the battery. However, with the rival competitors managing this feature well in their smartwatches, the Apple users are not wrong in demanding this feature in the enhanced OS 6.

It would be interesting to watch that whether the R& D is capable to surmount the technical obstacles and include face identification technology feature in the watch. It looks like a difficult task but Apple has the reputation of being the taskmaster.

Compatibility considerations

The update seems to be easy for the Series 3 and Series 4 watches and it seems like both the versions will get upgraded to watchOS 6.

The Series 5 is expected to launch almost during the same time period as of the launch of watchOS 6, so it is taken for granted that this version will have watchOS 6 preinstalled in it.

With the previous models, the updating looks bleak. With the first generation Apple watch, it is sure that the updating will not at all happen. However, with the Series 2 watches, the up gradation may happen but a loss of performance can be seen. Though, we can expect that Apple’s team will try hard to accommodate the second series of Apple watches perfectly.

Let’s expect some crazy transformations by Apple with the new WatchOS 6 and hope that it meets up to the standards set by the ardent users of this powerful brand. Fingers crossed.

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