November 13, 2018

Launched at the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference, watchOS 5 brings a Competition activity option, Walkie-Talkie, Siri face options, Siri Shortcuts, new interactive notifications, and more.


This is an entirely new way to communicate by blending real-time voice conversations with the spontaneity of messaging. It works like a traditional Walkie-Talkie, with press-to-talk with family and friends. Previously, while visiting our friends, we had to shout across rooms to try to find out where they were, however, now we just have to tap the walkie-talkie button. It's fast, it's clear and private.

Heart Smarts

We're going to repeatedly say this until it's taken for granted. Apple Watch is the most important product Apple offers because it saves lives. If your heart rate drops below a specified threshold while you seemed to be inactive for a 10-minute period, there are options to be notified.

New Watch Faces

watchOS 5 introduces numerous watch faces for both new Series 4 Apple Watch and previous Apple Watch models. For stress reduction and relaxation, there's a new Breathe watch face for the Breathe app, which leads you through breathing exercises.

Animations for the Breathe watch face are Calm, Classic, and Focus. Three new motion faces have also been added that shift and flow when raising our wrist or tapping on the display. There's a Vapor option, Fire & Water option, and a Liquid Metal option.


Speaking of vocal-based apps, the Apple Watch features a dedicated Podcasts app that allows you listen to Podcasts with a card-based viewport that lets you scroll through the newest episodes of our present podcast subscriptions without the need for an iPhone to be nearby.

Inside the Apple Watch podcast library, we can choose any podcast.

We can also request Siri to play our favorite podcasts, and the latest episodes are automatically refreshed as they get added to subscribed shows.

Siri Shortcuts and Updates

Siri Shortcuts is the next step approaching the future of voice and machine learning interface. The Siri watch face is better than ever in watchOS 5 thanks to the inclusion of maps, new sports, and heart rate content, which can now be seen along with other content on the Siri watch face.

It let us complete tasks like ordering a coffee in a favorite app, turning on a specific HomeKit scene, starting a walk or logging a meal at dinner time.

By adding new data sources along with third-party apps, Siri watch face can include info from the following Apple apps and services, Alarms, Activity, Calendar, Breathe, Heart Rate, Favorite Teams, InCallService, Home, Maps, Mail, Music, MessagesViewService, Now Playing, News, Podcasts, Photos, Phone, Reminders, Stopwatch, Stocks, Timer, Voice Memos, Weather, Wallet, and Workout.

Other features and improvements


  • New Do Not Disturb actions and customized arrangement of Control Center icons are accessible in Control Center
  • Use redesigned categories to scroll through and select emoji in Mail and Messages
  • Answer FaceTime video calls as audio on Apple Watch
  • Add cities to Weather app and World Clock on Apple Watch
  • Look website content optimized for Apple Watch while getting links in Messages or Mail
  • Adding new stocks to track in the Stocks app on Apple Watch
  • View new metrics such as wind speed, UV Index, and air quality index in supported regions in Weather app
  • Select Wi-Fi networks in the Settings app and enter a password if indicated

Your favorite watchOS 5 features?

We love the new Do Not Disturb and Rich Notifications options, Podcasts, Wi-Fi network selection, and so much more. As it's personal so different features will attract different individuals with different lifestyles and at different times. So, in case we missed any of your favorites features, do let us know.

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