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September 17, 2018

The iDevice trio has definitely got fanbois hot under the collar with the announcement of new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. However, anyone who has ever bought an iPhone loves to hate Apple's lightning cables.

Lightning cables are the most tiresome part of our iPhone or iPad kit, but one of the most crucial as well. A good Lightning cable is long-lasting and trouble-free. The American multinational technology company’s own offering, which comes included in each iPad & iPhone box, is 100% reliable, however, it will wear out and break if you do anything more demanding than just keeping it at one place as a permanent charging connection.

Accessory for your New iPhone

There is always a need to buy an additional cord which can survive bumps, tugs or the unwelcome attention of children. From battling with tangled up cables at the bottom of your bag, straining to use your iPhone while it's charging, or forgetting the charger, ullu lightning cables meet the needs of your individual lifestyle. Right off the look, you can judge just how much strong and dapper these cables are than the other lightning cables available in the market.

Offering 3 options of color in premium leather, while 4 options in the hand-colored leather category have further expanded the creative choices of customers.  ullu lightning cables look chic everywhere, whether it is placed at your workstation in the office or rests at your side table beside your bed. The leather used is premium, exported from Italy and stitched into masterpiece only for you.

And finally, the cable is MFi-certified, without this, the lightning cable may not be up to spec.

Lightning cables that take the strain

Grittiness mainly comes down to the strain-relief collar where the cable is inserted in the plug. This area of the lightning cable takes the maximum damage. After some time of use, this poorly-shielded connection will break. What is more valuable is the ullu strain-relief leather collar, which prevents bending the cable and tearing the joints apart. The idea of stress relief is to prevent the soldered joints inside the cable from wearing off when you bend the cable or pull it out of the iPhone by clutching the wire instead of the plug. It also guards the joint when you twist the cable too far.

What makes these different from the competition?

The cable gives a premium feel with fast charging feature and high-speed data transmission. Available in 6 colors and 2 different materials - Premium Leather & Hand Colored VT Leather.


  • Length 100cm, Width 0.7cm, Height 0.4cm
  • Weight 24gms
  • 1m length
  • 2.0 USB
  • Input - DC 12V-24V
  • Output - 5V, 2.4A,

Handcrafted genuine leather cable tie organizer (wire tie) is also included with the lightning cable, these are the cables you would like to flaunt. So, what are you waiting for?  Showcase your unique personality by owning these Apple accessories at your office/home. Visit now!

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