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April 18, 2016

We all know an Apple fanboy or two. You would too - or perhaps you are one yourself!

There is no shame in being an Apple fanboy! In fact, you can proudly stand behind one of the best designed products ever - devices that are as functional as they are beautiful! They are an absolute pleasure to touch, hold and use.

With a bar set so high, an Apple fan feels happiest with their Apple device, and wouldn't care much for any other gadget. So, if a birthday is around the corner, or there is a birthday approaching, what exactly do you gift to such a person?

Turns out the Apple fanboys are easy to please - if you gift them anything that helps them enhance, personalize or glamorize their Apple stuff.

So, let us now look at some of the best gifts that will an Apple fanboy (or fangirl) very happy:

For the Apple Watch:

The Apple Watch is the latest, hottest gizmo that is wowing the Apple crowd at the moment. And not without reason - it is indeed a well-crafted piece that combines excellence in technology and design.

But there is an issue: all Apple watches look the same!

Sure, you can buy one of the different band choices available, and try to distinguish it from what others are wearing. However, you can take Apple Watch customization to the next level by pairing it with a replacement band.

watch strap


ullu offers a choice of Apple Watch replacement straps in handcrafted premium leather. Each band is individually crafted by hands - so that no two products are the same. How’s that for exclusivity? The Apple fanboy is going to love it!

Available in over 40 different colors and 5 different leather types, ullu premium leather Apple watch bands make you Apple Watch really stand out with a generous dash of color and style..

For the iPhone:

An iPhone case could make a good gift for your friendly neighborhood Apple fanboy, but most of the currently available iPhone cases are much the same old thing.

So, your choice is limited to protective cases, or the sundry silicone cases, or perhaps you may consider a few leather iPhone cases in two colors - black and white.

But that will hardly make a fanboy happy. Where is the “ding” in such a mundane gift?

Might we suggest a Piggyback - a folio-style iPhone case that is a truly multi functional accessory. It combines iPhone protection, wallet, and a kickstand - all in one single sleek body.

The highlight of the Piggyback iPhone case, of course, is the built-in wallet that is quite capacious - with slots for 3 credit cards, an ID card, and cash bills.

There is a SnapOn iPhone case that can magnetically attach to, and detach from, the main body, so that you can use your iPhone for talking without any hindrance.

The back flap of the Piggyback converts into a kickstand that gives the user convenience of hands-free video watching and quality FaceTime.

For the MacBook:

The MacBook is a sleek workhorse that the Apple fanboy might be using for their work, or for pleasure. And if they are professionals that like to carry their work to and fro between home and office, they might be very happy to get a great MacBook carrying case.

Again, if you look at the options available in the market, most MacBook bags are quite functional - they do their job. You can put the MacBook inside, and take it from point A to point B with reasonable safety - that’s it.

However, for more discerning users like our Apple fanboys, a MacBook carry bag will need to be a bit more different.

Try exploring from the options that ullu offers - for MacBooks of all screen sizes. You can choose from two different designs: the Briefcase, and the Skinny.

The Briefcase is a very elegant carry bag for MacBook - each case is handcrafted by a skilled artisan, and made out of the best available premium Italian leather. The Briefcase features pockets for documents and accessories, a secure zipper, soft interiors, a padded handle, and a shoulder strap for easy grip and carry.

The Skinny, as the name indicates, is the slimmest, most elegant MacBook carrying case. It has just enough space to carry the MacBook, plus a document pocket.

Explore More Premium Leather Apple Accessories

If you want to explore the widest range of handcrafted premium leather accessories, visit our store at


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