November 09, 2019

On 10th September 2019, Apple during its annual fall event its annual event held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, CA announced the seventh generation iPad, the most popular iPad. Staying true to its roots, this model also brings the versatility and users ease of use that is expected now from Apple’s stunner line of tablets. With new internal specifications with a new chipset, larger display, Apple pencil and keyboard support, this refreshed model is highly appreciated by business users and creative professionals. We have shared the key features below that the new 2019 model, seventh generation iPad brings for us.

1- The larger display 

From 9.7” Apple has levelled up the retina display size to 10.2” with almost 3.5 million pixels. Although It has the same physical footprint as that of the old version, it is the most lauded features by the working people and the creative professionals due to larger screen, sharper resolution of 2160 x 1620 (4:3  ratio) and more brightness upto 500 nits. Scribbling and taking notes with the Apple Pencil becomes more fun with it.

2- Full size keyboard support

Now this one is huge. No more third party’s support, You can now use your detachable Apple’s smart keyboard with the 2019’s iPad. Shall we call it a replacement for the laptop now?

3- Powerful chip

For comparatively inexpensive iPad, we are happy to know that Apple loaded this iPad with power packed p A 10 fusion chip. Apple says the A10 “brings up to two times faster performance over the top-selling Windows PC4 for powerful multitasking and smooth gameplay in Apple Arcade.” This simply means you can run seamlessly multiple applications parallely collaborating between remote teams for shooting and editing your high resolution videos or you can wirelessly play  games smoothly on Apple arcade.

3- Same price

Apple does not hike the price of iPad’s new model. Just like the company has been selling its entry level 32 gB iPad at $329 from past couple of years, it still does the same. The price of  wifi + cellular model begins at $459. There is an additional educational discount for the students which lands the price to $299.

4- support of new iPadOS 13

Its not just the new iPad now which benefits from new iPadOS 13. This new model of the entry level iPads also has its support. IPadOS 13 transforms this iPad model drastically. Multi tasking is efficient now, split views, home screen accommodates more now, files are managed much more effectively. In comparison to the old iOS, there is a substantial improvement in the functionality of the iPad.

5- One year of Apple TV+

The big impressive announcement that Apple made in the event of giving away one year of Apple TV +, to whoever purchases a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV is applicable on this model as well.

Regarding the security, the seventh generation iPad includes a Touch ID biometric fingerprint reader. All- disk encryption so that the data remains safe from intruding eyes, iMessage and FaceTime protects the communications. Also comprehensive protection is taken into consideration for privacy while transferring data from or to iCloud and taking backups as well.

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