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July 24, 2017

As we continue to evolve as the ‘smartphone generation,’ we are lucky to witness innovations that not only allow us to look cooler but also contribute to raising the convenience factor. The innovation we are referring to here is the smart combination of a wallet and a phone case.

Today, when smartphones have become a significant part of our existence, we all know that our dependence on these devices is only going to increase in the near future. We depend on them to communicate, work, play games, listen to music, research and much more. We need our phones everywhere - they complement our mobility. But there are so many places where you don’t want to carry too much on you, places where you do not want to stuff your pockets with your phone and a wallet with cash in it. After all, your pockets do seem bulky and unattractive with a heavy wallet.

But who needs to carry two things now when you can just combine?

Presenting the Wally case from ullu - a wallet case for your iPhone that helps structure and organize your life better - because be it a man or a woman, nobody is pleased to see odd bulges. With the Wally Case, you get to stylishly cover your phone and also hold your credit cards, cash, ID card and driver’s license - all in one place. Plus, you also get a high-quality screen protector along with it!

iPhone Case + Premium Leather Wallet = ullu Wally Case

Let us highlight five amazing benefits of owning the ullu Wally case -

1. It looks uber cool – Imagine owning the latest phone accessory in your friends circle. The Wally Case come in more than 10 different colors which means you can match the Wally Case with the color of your shoes, bag or your clothes, and It is available in four different material finishes - premium leather, hand colored leather, ostrich leather and handcrafted alligator leather - so much for style! To take the swag one step further, you can also customize the Wally Case and add your personal monogram. Now, that’s some level of personalization!
Quick fact: Did you know the following celebrities are proud owners of ullu’s iPhone cases - Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Gwen Stefani, Ashley Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, Olivia Wilde and Suki Waterhouse, Ashley Greene

2. It offers protection to your phone – The ullu Wally Case is more than an organizer, it is also a saviour. You can easily protect you expensive iPhone from scratches, bumps and falls. A simple protective bumper does not help much when your phone drops and hits the ground face down, Wally Case does. Plus, all that padding from the cash and cards definitely ensures double safety!

3. It provides ample space with different pockets – The biggest benefit of the Wally Case is that it gives you four different pockets to hold your belongings. This is a great way to sort your cards and stack them separately. Slide your stuff right into the pockets and you are good to go. You do not need to remember to one by one pick up your iPhone, your wallet, your ID and your keys. Some of the Wally Case users even carry sleek power banks in them!

4. It allows convenient access to the portholes - Like any other intelligent iPhone case maker, ullu has left ample opening in the Wally Case near the headphone jack and microphone at the bottom for you to conveniently plug in your headphones whenever, wherever. So if you use those headphones quite often, or need to charge your phone without a fuss, or prefer to sound more like yourself with no sound barrier between your mouth and the microphone, ullushop Wally Case is what you need. These wallet cases are smartly crafted with access holes that make charging your phone or plugging in the headphones simple and non fussy.

5. It is available for all existing iPhone generations - The best part about a great product is its easy availability. Apple users can buy the Wally Case for any of the following iPhone models - iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S and iPhone SE. The prices start from $29 and go up to $749.

Check out our collection of Wally Cases here. It is one of the most useful accessories you will find in the market today and is useful for daily use as well as traveling.

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