December 15, 2016

Ever thought a film-maker’s fantasy would become your reality one day? Those who saw the movie ‘Back to The Future” part two in 1989 certainly did not expect its depiction of 2015 (or even parts of it) to come true, not so soon at least.

Remember the sequence where Marty puts on Nike Air Mag shoes that have automatic shoe laces? There you go, Nike has officially introduced the HyperAdapt 1.0 shoes and they are magic! Let us just say that those who can’t tie their shoe laces are in for a pleasant surprise.

Until Now…

About eight months ago, Nike announced the launch of the HyperAdapt 1.0 and now the self-lacing sneakers are finally available for the public to buy. The unique selling proposition of the product is the power lace feature that brings the shoe to life, allowing it to breathe and takes the shape of the wearer’s foot. Interesting, isn’t it? Driven by an electronic lacing mechanism, the sneakers propose a pioneering solution to individual differences in fit and lacing. Wait till you experience it for yourself.

About the New HyperAdapt 1.0 and its Technology

The HyperAdapt 1.0 is true to size and comes with a technology called EARL or Electro Adaptive Reactive Laces. This is activated as soon as the heel hits the insole. There is a lace engine at the bottom of each shoe, encased in a plastic housing for protection. This is attached to the fit system with wired connectivity coming up from both sides of the shoe (and, thus, the foot). When you wear the shoe, the laces’ power sensors come into play and tighten the shoe as per your foot’s shape and size, making sure it is tight enough for an athlete to play or run while also maintaining comfort levels. It continues to close in till it senses tension on your foot.

The lace engine is placed higher than the sole of the shoe for ground clearance so it does not touch the ground as you walk, run or play. For manual adjustment of the shoe, there is a minus button to loosen and a plus button to tighten it. Though these sneakers look pretty similar to other performance shoes worn by sports persons and athletes, we all know the power and significance of functionality.

How to Recharge

The shoes have LED lights at the back and below to tell you whether the motor is running and whether the battery needs to be charged. When the lights shine blue it implies that the battery is full, when they are yellow you can continue wearing the shoes for a few more days and when they turn red it is an indication that the shoes need instant charging. These batteries can last up to two weeks, on an average.

The charger consists of two wires for separate pucks, one for each shoe in the pair. The pucks magnetically stick to the bottom of the shoes. As the blue light confirms charging, the battery gets fully charged in about three hours at a stretch. The pucks are included as part of the package.

The Launch

The latest launch of self-lacing shoes by Nike is being seen as a landmark in the history of shoes, a rarity. A pair of these HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers will cost you a massive $720! But then it is not just a shoe, it is a revolution in itself! The mass production is in process and the shoes have already hit the New York City showrooms of Nike on 1st December. You may find yourself a pair at the Nike+ ClubHouse at 45 Grand Street or at the SoHo store. Just make sure you book an appointment with Nike+. You don’t want to miss out on such a treasure during festive period.

A bigger launch is expected soon, where the sports giant will unveil the latest Silver color. At present, there is a Black color and a White-Blue Lagoon color available, however, that is limited to celebrities and athletes that are part of the Nike family.



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