June 09, 2015

Q. How do you prefer the jacket pockets in your suits - flapped, jetted or patched?

A. Well, the choice between flapped and jetted pockets will depend on your personal style and preferences.

                                               Types of Jacket Pocket Styles

Jetted pockets provide a slimmer, smoother and more formal look - they remain pretty much invisible on darker shades like navy or black.

On the other hand, when rightly done, flaps add a dash of spice to an otherwise plain suit. Sartorially adventurous gentlemen may even go for an extra, smaller pocket above the right-side pocket - this pocket is variously called a ticket pocket, change pocket or a receipt pocket. This smaller pocket is a gift from the Savile Row tailors - and looks pretty neat on the contemporary, slim-fit suits.

Jacket flaps are usually stitched in a way that when the flaps are tucked inside, the pockets will appear just like those of the jetted style - with just the thin slit visible. This could present a problem, though, if you are in the habit of actually using the suit pocket to store things. The flaps may get in the way of your hands, and once in a while you will pull one outside - completely or (worse) partially.

Patched pockets usually come with casual, unstructured jackets - that are prepared without the inner lining, and hence the pockets are sewn as patch of fabric over the jacket. Such pockets are found on summer suits, blazers and sports jackets.

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