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January 26, 2019

Apple has always been ahead of its competitors in offering users a never before experience in terms of technology and its upcoming offering remains to be a step ahead in this direction.

If the grapevine is to be believed, Apple will launch its much-expected AirPower in the coming year. Sources suggest that Apple is all set to release new AirPods in early 2019 with a newly redesigned case which will support wireless charging. Arrival of the AirPower is also expected during the same time.

AirPower is a wireless charging pad which will make the charging of Apple devices hassle-free. Though the tech giant unveiled AirPower during the launch of iPhone X .Other details still remain under the covers. With the current charging pads available in the market, there remains to be a need of a special case to use the charging device. However, AirPower will work without the requirement of any such type. Placing the device on the mat with the front facing upwards will be sufficient to charge Apple devices. The mat will be sufficiently large to accommodate three devices simultaneously.

Technical details

The powering device uses the science of electromagnetic induction to transfer power from the AirPower to the device which has to be charged. As per the Chinese blog Chongdiantou, AirPower will have 22 charging coils. There has been no official validation on the number but yes the number of the coils will be more in order to allow charging of the devices to happen without any specific placement position on the mat.

Since there are a lot of power coils, there can be issues pertaining to heat transfer and interference.  Possibly, this reason can be responsible for the delay in the launch of this charging device.

The iPhones with glass backs will remain to be compatible with the charging mat. iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone Xwill work with the AirPower. Apple watch series 3  can also be charged with the due to be launched charging mat. Airpods can also be charged with the AirPower however AirPod case which was launched at iPhoneX event will be required.


There are a lot of speculations in the market regarding the prices, and of course, since it is an Apple product, we can expect the prices to be high. Chongdiantu, a Chinese title, suggested the price of the charging mat to be $ 145 - $ 150

As per the reports by Apple Tool Box, AirPower will cost $ 99. All these remain to just conjectures, we have to wait for the Apple team to reveal the final prices.

 All eyes are on the launch of AirPower to see how the Tech Giant takes the charging game to another level with this new device expected to be launched soon.

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