March 24, 2015

The new Microsoft IS different.

Showing another bout of cross-platform love - Microsoft has introduced a shiny, new piece of hardware. It is a foldable, Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that can connect with your Apple, Android or Windows device.

This is not the first portable, mobile-device friendly keyboard out there. Nor is it the first cross-platform mobile keyboard from Microsoft. The only visible difference is the way in which Microsoft has reinterpreted the design - by splitting the keyboard in half down vertically.


MS Keyboard 1


That split is not without purpose - the keyboard body folds over that split, and the bottom of the keyboard has been designed as a flat surface that morphs into a slim case when folded.

Essentially, the keyboard folds into a slim package with a very small footprint - way smaller than the larger screen phablets. This small footprint is the USP of the keyboard.

The appeal of a foldable, slim keyboard that can be easily lugged around is obvious. A lot of tablet and smartphone users, the target group of this keyboard, actually need to type in a lot. While the Swype-like faster typing makes it easier for casual use, there is a definite case for a slim, portable keyboard for business users, or basically any user that needs to write productively.

MS Keyboard 2

Another great feature of the Microsoft foldable keyboard is that it can work with two mobile devices at once, and you can toggle typing between the two devices.

Watch the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard in action. I just wish they had been a bit more creative in naming it, though.

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