May 24, 2017

So are you tired of carrying your wallet every time you leave your house or workplace?

Hanging and roaming around with a wallet in hand is a pretty cautious task to manage at times. Now, if you have an iPhone, we at ullushop have cooked something interesting for you.

Wally case is the best accessory to be bought if you have worry to carry your wallet in and around. Handcrafted from finest leather, Wally case for iPhone 7 Plus will be a proficient asset for you. The case not only simplifies your carry but will also enhance the appearance of your iPhone due to the presence of genuine leather material from Italy.

Below are some specifications of the Wally case which will definitely allure you!

Wally Specifications:

  • High-quality screen protector included
  • Attached pockets allow you to carry- credit cards, cash and ID
  • Simple and slimmest look of wally
  • Absence of the bulky overstated case
  • Stylish leather
  • Variety of colors to choose from
  • Lightweight


  • Length: 15.8cm - Width: 8cm - Height: 1.2cm
  • Weight: 34 Gms

For situations where you don't want to carry a wallet and just need ID, a credit card, and some cash, it’s perfect’.

Here are some cool advantages that will help you to hold on ullushop’s cases

Carry Less Cash:

Credit Cards are accepted almost everywhere, our phones too offer services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet that further limit the need to carry paper money.

Get a Slimmer Wallet:

Now that you have less to carry, your wallet will naturally be slimmer. But all that work is for nothing if your wallet is inherently bulky. In traditional wallet construction, every slot adds another layer of thickness, but here at ullushop we will eradicate this problem of yours.

Pick Wisely:

If you prefer, you can carry one less card and fit some folded up cash in the wallet area. With a case like this, you can easily catch up saying- ‘If I lose my wallet, I can always use Find My iPhone to find my iPhone and my wallet’.The leather-back is capable of holding a few cards and some cash. This iPhone 7 wallet case is a steal at $79 and use coupon code WALLY15 for %15 OFF, offering a higher end look than cases that rely on plastic and delivering a minimal footprint that does not require a flap to cover the screen and end up getting in the way of regular use.

With amazing specifications, ullushop’s Wally case for iPhone 7 is the best case you’ll find in the market. The slim design, ability to hold enough cards and handy tab system is worth the $79 price.

Let’s just become smarter like our iPhone and fetch the idea of innovations with simplicity!

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