December 15, 2014

For some strange reason, men seem to prefer leather jackets over leather blazers. Perhaps they think that there are lesser dressing options with leather blazers - a belief I feel is entirely unfounded.

I present to you three different options to wear a leather blazer - you can choose one style over another to suit an occasion.

Option 1. Dressy

What you will need: A leather blazer, black trousers, white shirts, a slim tie (black or gray), full brogue Derby shoes (preferably in patent leather) paired with black or gray socks, and a slim, black leather belt.

black leather blazer and tie
Leather Blazer and Tie

If you want to get still dressier, wear a black waistcoat beneath your blazer. You can use a jeans in place of trousers - if you are so inclined.

In case your blazer is brown in color (why would anyone have any other color besides black and brown?), you can safely go with the same combination, perhaps except the gray tie.

Option 2. Relaxed/Informal

casual brown leather blazer

Brown Leather Blazer - Casual Look

What you will need: A turtleneck t-shirt (black or white), a pair of black jeans, black chukka boots, and a wide leather belt.

For a less winded-down look, you can use turtleneck sweater in place of a t-shirt.

For gentlemen with brown leather blazers, you can try the same combination, or use a blue jeans in place of black.

Option 3. Outdoor/Traveling

casual leather blazer
Leather Blazer - Casual, Traveler Look

What you will need: Light-blue Chambray shirts (you can try experimenting with Chinese collars), a pair of black (or brown) corduroy trousers, a printed cardigan or a woolen vest, a woolen scarf to wrap around your neck, a pair of boots, and bag with a sling. Top up all of this with a flat hat. Keep your jacket lapels popped up.

For a more “killer” look, add a pair of black leather gloves to the ensemble.

Bonus Look

If you have continued reading till this point, here is a bonus look as your reward! This look will work especially sweet with a black leather blazer.

Pair your blazer with a trouser in houndstooth pattern - you can wear a black or a white shirt over it. Try this combination with a pair of double monk leather shoes.

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