March 20, 2015

Antimatter, the interestingly named (ain’t they all?) contemporary streetwear label from Korea, launched its Spring/Summer 2015 collection towards the end of February.

Streetwear is currently experiencing a global trend - the contemporary style is heavily influenced by sportswear. That influence can be seen in Antimatter collection too.


However, the collection is not influenced by sporty look alone - it imbibes another aspect of today’s youngsters - the Internet. The way our real lives are intertwined with our digital self, and the warping of reality that may result gets a nod with NEOTAO.

Black, white and gray is the overwhelming theme - arranged in layers. The collection is also marked by eminently wearable crewnecks, hoodies, shorts and slightly-longer-than-capri length trousers, and a nice selection of jackets and parkas.

You can explore the full collection at the Antimatter website.

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