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October 15, 2018

With names like iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, Apple unveiled three new iPhones for 2018-2019 at once. If you already have an iPhone X then you might consider updating to an iPhone XS Max in order to get the bigger screen, while the iPhone X has been completely canceled.  

It is getting more complex to decide which is the best device for you. And the jargon doesn’t end there. Liquid Retina Display? A12 Bionic? Neural Engine? How can anyone make sense of it all?

Settling for the right iPhone isn’t as unnerving as you might think. Let's ignore the confusing names and focus on those things which are important, whether that’s a dependable camera, large screen, or colors that match your style.

The iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR share many common features

If you remember the iPhone 5C which had very colorful options, so it makes for an easy comparison to the iPhone XR. However, it had year-old specs compared to the 5S that was launched alongside it. In 2018, Apple has put the same core hardware into each of its iPhone models. There are differences when it comes to the camera, battery capacity, and screen size,  but the similarities cover a lot:

The processor:

The great news is graphics performance leaps 50 percent (the A11 was already 30percent faster than the A10). All the new iPhones share the latest A12 Bionic processor, a 7nm chip that represents a breakthrough in mobile computational power that is worth getting excited about. The 4 efficiency cores which are responsible for powering your everyday app usage are “about 50% more efficient than the iPhone X,” also, there’s a 50% saving in power efficiency when the phones are idle. For handling AI tasks, the latest iPhones also holds Apple’s updated, eight-core Neural Engine which can manage 5 trillion operations per sec. The bottom line is that all three phones offer remarkably fast performance while using day to day apps and should deliver tangible real-world benefits.

The camera and Software Smarts:

There are two pieces of very big news with the XS Max and iPhone XS. Firstly, now Apple has given both XS models equal standing and the dual cameras have dual optical image stabilization as well. There has been a lot of improvement in Low-light photography, but the XS and Max still aren't as capable compared to few competitors. Secondly, after iPhones fell far behind the image processing smarts of the Pixel 2, Apple has considerably elevated its software game. iPhone XR might lack a zoom/telephoto lens, however, it has the specific same 12-megapixel f/1.8 primary camera as the XS Max and XS. As for the front camera, the specs remain the same as 2017, however, Apple has improved the module so it should work better in combination with Smart HDR. Particularly, the front camera was way behind the Pixel 2 last year, but the gap is filled significantly. The biggest question is whether the new iPhones can stay ahead of the upcoming Pixel 3.

A faster Face ID system:

The company has advanced Face ID this year by adding smarter face-scanning algorithms, and faster secure enclave. The home button is removed for good from all the 2018 iPhones.

Dual-SIM support and faster wireless charging:

All the new iPhones launched in 2018 support faster Qi charging that the iPhone X was capable of. Also, they are capable of supporting two phone lines by including both one physical nanoSIM card and an eSIM in the phone. This will definitely make juggling work/international travel or personal lines a lot smoother.

Stereo audio recording and stereo speakers:

At last, it finally happened! it took Apple until 2018 to deliver iPhones with the ability to record stereo audio. The iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max each have 4 microphones built in to record stereo sound while you’re making a video. The new iPhones have advanced stereo speakers and a wider audio presentation.

Bottom Line:

There is much to applaud the XR, XS and XS Max. Better machine learning, better performance, better microphones and speakers, a bigger screen on the Max, camera improvements, dual SIM (eSIM and nano-SIM) capability and a better IP68 dust and water resistance rating for the clumsy ones. If anyone planning to purchase the iPhone XS Max or iPhone XS can also consider buying the iPhone XR. Despite numerous compromises, it gives all the key features of the XS models for a fraction of the price.

Pick the iPhone XS Max if you want a big screen

$1,099 (64GB) | $1,249 (256GB) | $1,449 (512GB)

The iPhone XS Max is made for those people who love using Plus-sized smartphones. The biggest screen comes now with a notch and sans home button. Another advantage of going bigger is the battery endurance.

Pick the iPhone XS if you want a powerful phone with a Dual-Camera

$999 (64GB) | $1,149 (256GB) | $1,349 (512GB)

If you didn’t upgrade in 2017, the iPhone XS gives a modest refinement of the sleek design that Apple started with the iPhone X, plus, this one comes in gold. It's more robust and faster, thanks to gigabit LTE. The XS, which comes with all of the same features as iPhone X Max, is for those who care about one-handed usability and love using the dual-lens camera for portrait shots.

Pick the iPhone XR if you want a good balance of everything

$749 (64GB) | $799 (128GB) | $899 (256GB)

Starting at $749, the iPhone XR has managed to avoid the $1,000 entry value of the iPhone XS. However, it shares Apple’s latest technology advances and many of the same features. The 2 major differences to keep in mind is the screen with the XR is 6.1-inch LCD instead of the 6.5-inch or 5.8-inch OLED panels on the XS. If you’re not enamored of big devices, the XR can delight you as it is a tad wider (2.98 inches) than the XS (2.79 inches). Although, you will miss out on 3D Touch, but how much of a disadvantage is that?

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