December 08, 2018

For all those people who do not muddle up their brains in comparing every technical spec of all the new smartphones that arrive in the season and are ready to compromise on a few things here and there for sake of an economically better option and for majority of consumers who just wish to upgrade their older iPhone with the latest one every season, Apple a iPhone XR is a treat for all of you.

Although a few superlative components are reserved for the more expensive ones, this iPhone XR is decent enough with the latest processor and packed with all possible features that exist already on Apple phones.

Photography being the major area of interest of the consumers these days and a big deciding factor when in comparison for choosing a smartphone, let us look at the camera feature of iPhone XR, comparison with its siblings and performance review.

Camera in comparison to iPhone XS :

iPhone XR has a single lens rear camera, which is a wide angle lens, unlike the dual lens camera with a telephonic lens of iPhone XS. The dual lens camera, of course, facilitates in capturing the depth detailing in the frame and this is the only major difference between the camera of both the phones. But, the good news is that the portrait mode is still there in iPhone XR along with the depth control feature that is introduced newly by Apple this year.

How it works :

You must be wondering without the dual camera, how does the portrait mode work? Unlike iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 where Apple removed this feature completely, this time Apple came up with a different mechanism for portrait mode. It works in a similar fashion like that in Google pixel 2 and pixel 3. The task done by the secondary lens is done by the network of neural algorithms. Here, both photosites of each sensor that is there for auto-focus mainly are used to create the map of the frame, then the artificial intelligence comes to play, to separate the background and the subject. Finally, the background is blurred by the lens.

Let us now look at the performance of the camera :

iPhone XS due to its telephonic lens zooms is much more than the iPhone XR whereas iPhone XR captures a much wider view due to its wide angle lens. So you might need to adjust your distance if you really wish to not have that wider frame in case of iPhone XR.

If clicked the same frame from both the devices, be it in daylight, evening or night, the result is highly competitive. To our surprise, iPhone XR beats iPhone XS for several shots.  Since iPhone XS secondary lens doesn't have a wide aperture to let in more light, iPhone XR is quite better at portrait mode in low light. The wider lens certainly opens up opportunities and gives a wider perspective to play with. You may say how an intelligent software can win over advanced hardware, that too for a lesser price.

Selfies :

Since the selfie camera is same as iPhone XS, the image quality is also identical in both the cases. The new chip A12 enables smart portraits even on the front camera. Subject separation is great, the blur can be adjusted after capturing the frame and the overall quality is fine 

Video recording :

With 4K60  video recording, iPhone XR beats XS for sure. Apple even claims that It has got the highest quality video recording among all smartphones. It has an extended dynamic range up to 30fps, enhanced low light performance, stereo recording and even stereo playback with wide sound separation.

Drawback :

One serious limitation comes with iPhone XR camera. 

Since it works on AI, the machine is trained to recognize only human shapes, which means, if you try to capture your dog or your coffee cup blurring the mountains behind it, it will not work at all. The portrait mode is very much human-specific and works more precisely towards the human face. Although Google pixel 3 camera is a level higher than the XR. It is successful in achieving this feature too with the same mechanism.

Our verdict :

Clearly, the camera performance of iPhone XR is at par with that of iPhone XS. Except for the case where you are a die-hard Instagrammer and like to put up all your stuff there from pets to plates, the XR  rear camera being wide angle 12 megapixel, a 7 MP front one, with 3-D sensors and improved dynamic range is an excellent choice to go with. It holds together all necessary features from portrait mode to depth control, portrait lighting to smart HDR. 

We for sure stand by it!

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