April 10, 2015

What is it with Tokyo and Godzilla? For a city that has been repeatedly laid to waste by Godzilla (albeit in fiction), you would think that the Japanese would be more circumspect in celebrating the monster.

But no, that’s not the Japanese way.

The recently opened Hotel Gracery in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo is offering its guests an unbeatable bargain of staying with the Godzilla.

The hotel has created a giant, 40-feet, Godzilla head on the roof. To the onlookers in the streets around the hotel, it would appear that the giant lizard is peering from behind the building.

That, obviously, is not all! Should you choose to stay in the hotel, you get two choices.

Twin-bed Godzilla rooms offer a huge lizard claw, complete with sharp nails bursting in the wall from just behind the headboards. This is the view that you will sleep and wake up to! And should you happen to look right ahead, in front of the beds, you will find a life-sized Godzilla (a replica, thankfully!) doing what it does best - totally wasting (a miniature) Tokyo.

When you recover and stumble into the toilet for some relief, you will find more surprises in store, waiting for you!

In comparison, the single-bed rooms (on the ninth-floor) are much more sedate - you just get the view of the abovementioned giant Godzilla head from a wide window just next to the bed.

Not that the Godzilla had to go far to reach the hotel - it is THE home of the reptilian creature created first way back in 1954. The hotel is situated in the same building as the Toho Studio, the original creator of the lizard-like giant. The studio and the hotel have obviously collaborated in offering this monstrosity!

Giggles apart, this may be a smart business move. Tokyo is getting ready for the 2020 Olympics, traditionally a boom-time for the hotels in the organizing city. By capitalizing on a legend of the Japanese modern popular culture that has dedicated fans all over the world, the hotel may just create a crucial differentiator to beat the stiff competition.

The Godzilla Room costs 39,800 Yen ($ 333 ) during weekdays, 49,800 Yen ($ 416) during weekends and holidays, while the smaller, single-bed Godzilla View rooms cost 15,000 Yen ($ 125). All costs are per night basis.

You can book a date with Godzilla in Japan over at the Hotel Gracery website.

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