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January 17, 2018

In an era of 4G, we just can't hold up on the usage of technology everywhere. From  the devices, we use at home to our personal favorite, our cell phones, we need everything to be sharp and smart. Accustoming to the most advanced techs not only sync us with the modernity but also facilitates us on saving our time, which by the way is most valuable. With the first instance of smart phones and other gadgets, the world has been evolving quicker than our expectations. In a survey on the technological developments in the recent years, it has been proposed that in the period of 2016-2022, the world is going to witness substantially more than the entire frequency of inventions made during 1900-2000s. With the advent of the modern era, Samsung offers Qi standard wireless charging in its Galaxy S8 and Note8 phones while Apple iPhones offers the same in its latest series of iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Also, it (Apple) has adopted the wireless earphones, Airpods, which in itself is a novel idea. What awaits next is to find this revolutionary technology to be adopted by all major brands in the near future.

How does it work?

iPhone X and iPhone 8 are compatible with the Qi (pronounced "chee") standards of wireless charging, hence it will work with any wireless charger carrying the same standards of technology. Electromagnetic fields are created and allow the current to pass between the charging and the surface of the charging pad. Qi is the standard set by Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for every device supporting this technology.

Buying beyond the Apple

Well, with Qi standard set, the customers of these phones can now look beyond their phone brands to explore more options in charging their devices. Thus, an absolute freedom of marking their style and choice is always there.The MagicMat, for instance, from ullushop is one such example. It is a Qi-certified charging mat, which comes with exotic options of premium and hand-colored leather to choose from. The premium quality leather imported from different parts of the world infused with exemplary craftsmanship provides MagicMat its unique essence. This means you would be having a charging platform unique in its style and appearance. Offering two options of color in premium leather, while ten options in hand-colored leather category further expand the creative choices of customers. The MagicMat looks elegant everywhere, whether it rests at your side table beside your bed, or placed right at your workstation in the office.All this luxury and the uber cool feature is yours at the price of $69.

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