June 22, 2015

In the genetic stakes, men have been dealt one weak hand - their sense of smell is not as developed as that of women. As a result, finding the perfect perfume for self becomes a touch-and-go affair for gentlemen - the trick is to find the right smell, and apply it in the right way.

Men's Perfume
Men's Perfume

The following 5 tips will help gentlemen to find the right perfume that works -

Perfume is chemistry

- highly dependent on the skin on which it is applied and its peculiarities. The results and mileage of any given perfume may differ from person to person. You may need to experiment between a few different ones to find a scent that suits you best.

There can be too much of a good thing

practice discretion. Even the best fragrance applied indiscreetly (meaning too much) may mark you as a man to be avoided. Gentlemen never leave their mark in the form of a lingering smell after they have left the room.

Test before buying.

The better stores have sample bottles and testing strips. For better results, put it on your skin to test, and come back the next day to buy it (if you like it, that is). Testing actually on the skin will also enable you to experience all the underlying notes - the best way to fully understand a scent.

Perfume is highly subjective and personal.

The perfume that suits you will depend on -

  • your personality (the strong silent type may prefer a classical, sophisticated scent, or what the heck, an adventurous scent just to set a contrast and surprise people!),
  • your lifestyle (persons that are physically more active, or persons that eat certain types of food), and
  • the occasion (a romantic evening out may well warrant a floral scent).

Apply it correctly

the most accepted applying method is by spraying or daubing on the pulse points (wrists, behind the ears, and neck), some also apply it behind their knees, and some even put it on the nether regions.

Once you have applied the above tips and tried a few scents, you may even go on and choose one to be your signature perfume - saving much precious time later.

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