January 12, 2015

Fashion and technology have had a relationship that is largely hidden from the public eye. That may change soon if CES 2015 - the largest global technology show, an annual affair in Las Vegas - is any indicator.

Over the last couple of years, tech and fashion have flirted rather openly - the latest generation of wearables, such as those from Apple are a great combination of high technology merged with striking good looks. Mind you, not the good looks of industrial design - but the good looks of elegant fashion!

apple watches

Apple Watches

This relationship could progress further if the current technology trends, especially those in the mobility segment, could be practically applied to the fashion world. Indeed, a whole runway show at CES 2015 - somewhat unimaginatively named FashionWare - was devoted to highlight the imminent merging of tech and fashion.

Let us have a look at some of these innovations -

  • More “alive” clothing from the label Rainbow Winters, which means dresses embedded with a mesh of LEDs that can change color as and when needed. You can change your shoes in the middle of evening, and get your dress to match its color.
    led clothing fashion show
    LED Clothing Fashion Show

    Other designers introduced dresses with similar technology - making the fabric change color in response to UV light (as found outdoors) or sounds.

  • Displaying information through user’s mobile devices was a dominant theme - and understandably so. A number of dresses demonstrated this technology in different manners. Users can display texts or images from their mobiles on the dress by using a companion app.
    display laden clothing
    Display Laden Clothing

    This way, your friends can literally read your thoughts if you so choose. I just hope that wearers don’t turn into a walking billboard like F1 drivers!

  • There is already a heap of wearables that display notifications received on user’s mobile. If the wearable device is not stylish enough for your taste, or if you want to be more discreet, there are rings and necklaces in the CES that will do the job for you!
  • A quirky creation from Intel featured a gown (?) with huge, spidery tentacles, which will lunge at anyone that gets too close to you for comfort. Creepy!
Intel Spider Dress
Intel Spider Dress
  • Then there are some more practical products, such as a handbag with small inbuilt lights to help you fish out the lipstick lost into its darkness!

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