March 09, 2015

Faberge Imperial eggs are one of the most iconic pieces of luxury jewelry - ever. Peter Faberge, the master craftsman whose name the jewelry bears, himself created a series of Easter gifts for Romanov family (aka the Czars). It was a truly limited edition run - only 50 pieces were produced in the period 1885-1917. Of this, only 43 survive today in a host of collections, the remaining are lost.

The Imperial eggs are excellent examples of craft and painstaking details. Each of the pieces is completely different from others, and each originally hid a surprise inside (it was an Easter egg!), which was revealed when opened using the most ingenious mechanisms built in. Each was an independent artistic masterpiece, portraying the gold standard of jewelry making.

The 1917 Russian Revolution put paid to further additions in Imperial Egg series. The Faberge family left Russia, the brand name itself changed hands several times.

After almost a 100 year gap, the Qatar based Al-Fardan family, a globally renowned collector of precious pearls, has collaborated with Faberge to revive the Imperial Egg by creating the Faberge Pearl Egg.

Hussain Ibrahim Al-Fardan, the family patriarch, personally handpicked each of the 139 white, gold-hued pearls that adorn the Pearl Egg from his private collection.

The Egg is further decorated with 3,305 diamonds set on a mother-of-pearl exterior that is set on white and yellow gold. The construction of the Pearl Egg is inspired by the way an oyster opens to reveal its pearl- it employs an intricate mechanism where on twisting the Egg at top, it opens in six pieces to reveal what is inside.

In the inside, the surprise of the Egg is again an exquisite and rare gray pearl of 12.17 carats. This unique pearl was sourced from the Arabian Gulf, and forms a part of Hussain Al-Fardan’s private collection.

The base of the Egg contains the accompaniment - a gorgeous white pearl and diamond necklace arranged in a scallop motif, and set off with another priceless, 19.44 carat white pearl drop.

The Pearl Egg is priced at $ 2 million, but its eventual value may well turn out to be several times more.

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