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September 14, 2019

Its again that time of the year, when we are no less excited than Christmas carnival. The new iPhone models have been announced by Apple recently and they aren’t too far for you to make a new buy. We are here going to share with you everything about the model which just stole the show this year- iPhone 11. This model has one prime feature which concerns everyone of us than any other thing is its price, which has blown our minds and surely of everyone around the world completely.  

Price: How low is it going to cost you?

The new iPhone is here for us at a lower price than the iPhone XR, yet with updated and improved specs in certain areas. iPhone 11 as announced by the brand will be available in 64 GB, 128 GB & 256 GB and will be priced at $699 for the base storage, which is a huge drop of $50 over the iPhone XR.  The iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max will come up with more storage options 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB as well, priced from $999 and $1099 respectively.

Release date: When can you buy the iPhone 11?

Announced on 11 Sep. 2019, iPhone 11 range can be pre-ordered on 13th September and you can see them on store racks on 20th September. So, you can already book your new handset and not to forget, it will come along with a year’s subscription to Apple TV Plus in US.

The new processor: iOS A 13 Bionic

The new range features the A 13 Bionic processor. As obvious, Apple claims A 13 to be the fastest CPU with the fastest GPU ever seen till now of any smartphone chip. It’s capable of some trillion operations per second, incorporates 8.5 billion transistors. It has some major computing power under its bonnet, they say. Apple this time all the more has rights to flaunt the new processor considering the killer price of the handset. Let’s wait to put these claims to test the real time experience of it.

The major attraction: iPhone 11 Camera

Camera is the major attraction of this model. The iPhone 11, similar to iPhone 11 Pro and unlike to iPhone XR which had one sensor only, comes with two sensors on a square form, forming a large camera bump on the rear side. So, Apple has ensured same visual appeal to the iPhone 11 range. There are two 12 MP sensors now, a normal sensor which is wide angle and another is ultra-wide that steps back to capture the larger panoramic view in the frame.

There’s a system in the camera which clicks eight pictures before pressing the shutter even and there is this long-exposure option available as well. The Neural Engine of the A 13 Bionic chipset works to pick the best pixel from each shot, which according to Apple is a camera equivalent to ‘mad science’. It even calls it ‘next generation HDR’ for the power of A 13 chip and the new night mode for outdoor night clicks or ultra-dim indoor spaces.

The front camera is upgraded as well from 7 Mp to 12 Mp for better and sharper selfie performance. It also incorporates an ultra-wide mode which extends the camera range when landscape mode is turned on.

Has the Battery life improved?

The brand claims one hour more battery life of iPhone 11 than that of iPhone XR, which indicates that the system is made more efficient.  Although we feel that this could be a real challenge only if that comes true, as battery of iPhone XR had been one of the best amongst all smartphones, if we could say so. There is a lot for iPhone 11 to live up to and we seriously want its battery to perform as good as that of iPhone XR at minimum.

Unfortunately, but for obvious cost saving reasons, iPhone 11 does not bring fast charger along with it in the box as iPhone 11 Pro does.

Early Verdict: what do we presume?

Similar to iPhone XR, which was undoubtedly a hit last year due to its price, Apple has offered the same strategy this year with iPhone 11.  We honour this deal all the more as it brings more improved features especially camera and the power. Though the real- time experience of every claimed thing is yet to be made but we can not move away from the fact that iPhone 11 being the cheapest new model in years is one of the massive entry in the iPhone universe. Just the unexpected thrill attached to its price will for sure attract many new users.

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