September 18, 2016

Planning to buy the new Apple Watch series 2 in stainless steel finish? Make sure you choose the right kind ofbandfor it! We recommend leatherbands for the following reasons.

Your watch looks new when the band remains scratch-free

After adequate usage of the former Apple Watch models, their users have come to admit that even though these watches in stainless steel cases looked good with metallic straps, the metal bands ended up sustaining several scratches over a period of time and heavy use. A watch’s band remains exposed to a tremendous amount of incidental contact on a daily basis, leaving you helpless as you gradually see it get scathed.

Now with the launch of the Apple Watch series 2, buyers want to avoid such a situation and so most of them are intelligently opting for leather bands to compliment their new Apple Watches in stainless steel finish. Well, if you are going to spend your hard earned money on it (369 USD, to be precise) you would definitely want it to remain fresh and least damaged. In such a scenario, leather bands are your best option as they offer the ideal combination of great looks and durability.

You can add zing to your watch with a colored leatherbands

Leather Bandsare available in a variety of styles, colors and the quality is unparalleled. You can choose from a variety of leather options, including hide from cow, calf, horse, alligator, crocodile, shark, stingray and ostrich. Different hides come with different textures. Each one has a different grain pattern and consistency. Most of the leather products evolve over a period of time and develop distinctive patinas. Leather watch straps are a quick and easy way of accessorizing your Apple Watch and making it stylish.


Leather is versatile and works well on every occasion

The Apple Watch is a masterpiece fit to be worn everywhere, then why not team it up with a classy leatherband that does full justice to it? The advantage of wearing a leather strapped Apple Watch is that you can carry it off on both casual as well as formal occasions. Leather looks chic so your watch will look cool with jeans and t-shirts, yet it is elegant enough to be worn to the office with formal attire. And don’t forget, you can choose from a myriad of colors – both bright and subtle.

It always feels comfortable to wear high quality leather


Good quality leather can give your Apple Watch a luxurious feel. In contrast to rubber and metal, leather is easy to form and fit different lug widths. A number of stitching styles are available, ranging from minimal patterns to the familiar parallel patterns. Since leather is a soft bendy material, the wrist band made for the watch conforms beautifully to the wrist. Also, it does not irritate the skin or give any rashes like those given by synthetic material and metal bands.

Leather bands are easy to maintain

Leather is stylish, form-fitting and comfortable. Apart from these advantages, a big attraction is that leather does not call for regular maintenance. If necessary, you only have to clean the surface by wiping down the leather with a dry cloth to remove surface grime. If you need further cleaning, there are special cleaning solutions that will do the trick with a single swipe!

Leather as a material tends to age gracefully and continues to look better with passing time. So buy a leatherband for your new Apple Watch series 2 and see it mature naturally. No scratches, no skin irritations – only sophistication, guaranteed.

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