August 28, 2016

What is Color Blocking?

I have already explained the concept of color blocking in my last article on color blocking for men. You can read it here.

Since we don’t need to explain color blocking afresh, we can continue with how color blocking can help women get dressed well.

Color Blocking for Women: Why it Makes Sense?

There are so many ways to make your wardrobe or individual ensembles visually interesting - color blocking is perhaps the easiest of them. Especially if your are of the kind that loves minimalism, or shies away from frills and prints.

On the other hand, if you love enhancing your outfits with accessories, color blocking still provides the basics to get the right look.

So essentially, how do you want to mix and match individual garments, and how do you choose the right accessories to get a complete look? Color blocking for women can help you get an answer to these questions.

The Color Wheel is Your Friend

Really, the color wheel will help you get a very good idea of what colors work well together, and which ones don’t. It’s not very difficult to remember either - it’s basically just the rainbow colors (VIBGYOR - violet, indigo, blue, gree, yellow, orange, red) arranged around in a circle.

Now, look at the following color wheel carefully:

You can choose garments in any of these ways:

Monochromatic, where you choose different shades/hues of a single color.

Analogous, where you choose different shades from adjacent colors.

Complementary, where you choose shades in colors arranged on opposite ends (see image). This arrangement is where most people are likely to go wrong - picking a wrong combo will destroy the complete outfit.


Layered Look with Color Blocking

Color blocking can help you get really adventurous with the layered look. This will work best if you have multiple piece of garments and accessories.

In this case, you can travel a much wider segment of the wheel. For example, you can start with red, and travel all the way to green - clockwise or anti-clockwise.

This will mean that you will have colors that are complementary to some garments, and analogous to others. This would be really fun - are you game to try it?

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