April 29, 2015

Summers are here - and soon, the suits that served you so well in the fall and winter will not do. The wool, a versatile and otherwise comfortable fabric, will make you sweat if you have to take a walk out. If you reside in a place that has intense summers, or in the tropics, wearing a wool suit becomes simply out of question.

But what do you do when you still need to dress well, when nothing but a suit will do?

A summer suit is a great choice for, well, summers. Summer suits are made differently from the normal, woolen suits that you wear in cooler times; they are often non-lined or half-lined, are chosen in softer, pastel colors, and the fabrics are lighter, airy and absorbent.

The most obvious fabric choices for unstructured, summer suits are linen and cotton. If you are willing to look beyond the obvious, here are three more fabric choices for summer suits that are a bit unusual, but will surely impart style to your ensemble, and will keep you cool.

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Fresco Summer Suit

Fresco is a woolen fabric that is made of highly twisted wool yarn, allowing an open weave. This makes it so light and airy that it is almost transparent when you put it against a light source. You can choose between a range of weights (usually between 8 ounce and 15 ounce per yard) - higher weights will provide a better drape and fall.

If you need a formal summer suit that you can wear to a business meeting, fresco is a great choice.


Seersucker summer suit

Seersucker is growing in popularity every day in the US - as wearers are discovering its virtues of easy maintenance and neat looks. Its unique appearance (thin alternating stripes of white and color) and texture (crinkly) make it immediately recognizable, and people are obviously liking it.

Since the seersucker is essentially a cotton fabric (with a unique weave that imparts its signature crinkles), a seersucker suit is pretty much guaranteed to stay comfortable in heat.

While the alternating stripe design is most common, seersucker is also available in the fully solid variety.


Chambray Summer Suit

You might already have a chambray shirt in your wardrobe - in that case you will know that the fabric is a summer favorite. Why not extend the use of chambray fabric to a suit?

It turns out that dressmakers all over the world have already answered that question - there is a healthy range of chambray suits available in most of the leading brands.

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