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February 21, 2017


Welcome to the novel age of technology where the packaging and casing are as significant as the electronic devices themselves. As per reports by market research group NPD, three out of four smartphone users have a protective case for their phones, which also serves as fashion statement. After all, who would not want to protect their expensive purchases while also making them look better!

The MacBooks and iPads too have fancy covers and cases available in the market that serve dual purpose. But what if you had to carry all the three devices at the same time? Which would you pick up first, which would you leave out? Maybe it is time to invest in a smart backpack and ullushop has come out with just the perfect one for you - The Xplorer Backpack.

Is ullushop’s Xplorer Backpack Suitable for Me?

A sophisticated leather backpack that professionals can carry to work and travelers can proudly endorse - ullushop’s new launch is stylish and suitable for all. The Xplorer backpack is ideal for an office executive who has to work in a workplace with a business-casual or semi-formal dress code. This leather/canvas bag is a mark of maturity and does not let you look like you are freshly out of college. And since the bag can accommodate as much as the iPad, the15 inch model of the MacBook Pro, charging equipment, stationery and additional essential technical gear, it represents a multi-tasking personality which helps build a great impression in an official set-up. Travelers have always been the biggest enthusiasts for backpacks and this particular product has already become a rage. You can now click pictures and edit them there and then on your MacBook Pro to share it with the world - all thanks to the Xplorer backpack that allows you to conveniently carry your cameras and laptops with the necessary equipment to faraway locations. Students, too, can wear it on their backs and give their cool personalities an edge.

The Look and Feel of the Xplorer

The Xplorer is the latest product in the line of utility backpacks. It not only addresses functionality but also represents luxury because of its smart and expensive looking with leather & canvas finish. The modish backpack goes well with no matter what you wear it with. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to wear for a longer duration, even when completely full and heavy.

What is So Different About the Xplorer and Why Should I Buy It?

Its biggest advantage of this product is the rare feature of solar charging. Enabled with the support of a superior quality solar panel, this feature ensures that the Xplorer backpack always keeps your Apple electronic devices completely charged. Now, isn’t that something unique? This is the unique selling point of our product and has already created frenzy among the masses and the classes.                                                                                                           

Top Features to Look Out For

The well designed interiors of this smart backpack allow you to keep all your stuff organized while on the move. The bag has a pocket for iPad/Tablets protected with a soft lining inside. The lining of the inner pocket for MacBook Pro is also protected with a soft material that prevents scratches. There are easily accessible pockets with a special clip for keeping your cards and keys safely in place. You are also provided with a top pocket that can be reached quickly. This comes in handy and is ideal for keeping your smartphone or sunglasses so you won’t have to struggle to search the entire bag when the phone rings or when the sun shines bright.

The strong mesh pocket helps keep small items secure yet clearly visible. For the convenience of the carrier, ullushop has provided adequate storage for cables and adaptors in the new Xplorer backpack. Now you can store, charge and carry - all at once! The hippest backpack is now available in three color variants - Army Woodland (Camouflage Print), Knight Rider (Black) and Oldie (Dark Brown).

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