February 07, 2016


An Apple watch is already a beautifully-designed and well-crafted piece of high fashion accessory that is meant to adorn your wrist.

The Apple watch provides a lot of choices to casual buyers with its 38 different variations available - more when you combine it with different Apple watch straps of your choice.

However, at the end of the day, the Apple watch straps - and the Apple watch itself - is a mass produced item (not that it is an issue), and you will still have an accessory that looks like the millions others that everyone else is wearing.

More fashion-conscious and discerning users might want to differentiate their watches and create an exclusive look for their favorite new accessory. Enter ‘Apple Watch replacement bands’ - or Apple Watch bands that are available from third party suppliers and manufacturers.

Apple Watches are very functional products, and those using it as a fashion accessory certainly see a value in having a great-looking watch band that creates a different look for the wearer. Apple has recognized this fact, and has designed the watch in away that aftermarket Apple watch bands can easily fit.


Let us look at the best Apple strap replacements that are available in the market currently:

Leather Watch Straps for Apple Watches

Leather is one of the most popular materials that go into making watch straps - and the Apple watches are no exception. The leather bands that Apple watches offer are high quality - as can be expected with any Apple product - but the designs and range are rather limited.

The best thing about leather watch bands is that they impart an elegance and comfort in a single package that is difficult to achieve with any other material. It also provides a great way to deck up and differentiate your Apple watch.

ullu Leather Watch Bands

Look around the internet to discover the best leather replacement straps for Apple watches - and you will find that ullu has one of the most comprehensive collections - with 5 different leather types and over 40 colors - you are sure to find something that you like.


The best thing about ullu leather straps - they are handcrafted and hand-finished, so you can rest assured that each piece is unique.

The ullu Apple watch bands also feature genuine Apple lugs.

The ullu leather watch bands are available in premium Italian leather, and exotic leather options like Ostrich leather and Stingray leather.

ullu watch straps are also available in unique finishes like HairOn and Camo.


Protective Bands for Apple Watches

The Apple watch is a premium device, and most of the users will probably look to protect it with additional accessories. If you are the type of user that will use a armored or a protective iPhone case, they you will surely like to use a protective Apple watch band as well.

Spigen Apple Watch Bands

Spigen makes a range of tough, armor iPhone cases, and it is no wonder they are also offering a rugged strap for Apple watches as well.

Supcase Rugged Watch Bands

Supcase is a leading maker of rugged cases for phones and tablets, and has naturally diversified into rugged Apple watch bands as well. It offers its watch bands under the Scorpion name, and its UB Pro Rugged Case with wristband is solidly built.

i-Blason Protective Watch Cases

i-Blason offers two different style of protective style Apple watch straps - with cases built-in where the watch body can fit in. The best thing is - you can buy it in a choice of several different colors, allowing you to customize your Apple watch.


Metal Replacement Watch Straps for Apple Watches

Metal watch bands are quite popular - they impart a look of formality and style, and are quite tough too. While Apple itself is offering a couple of stainless steel variants in unique designs, you can also explore third-party replacement metal bands to create a different look.

With metal bands, you need to be careful to get a good fit - since a loose and hanging band will mean that the heart rate sensor at the bottom of the Apple watch will not work. Check if you can remove or add links to get a snug fit.

Hoco Stainless Steel Bands and Bracelets 

Hoco makes their Apple watch replacement bands and bracelets using the same 316L stainless steel alloy that goes into making the Apple watch. Available in four different colors - silver, black, gold and rose gold.

Oittm Stainless Steel Bands

Oittm is a popular option in the affordable category - with two Apple watch bands design on offer - the Milanese Loop (this band does not have a magnet, it has a clasp) and the classic folding clasp band in four different colors - silver, black, gold and rose gold.

Monowear Metal Bands

Monowear is another brand that offers Apple watch steel bands in traditional designs with a fold-over clasp, and is available in black and silver - both with a matte finish. It also offers a mesh metal band with a clasp closure. 

Battery Straps for Apple Watches

A number of innovatively designed Apple watch replacement bands are available with a built in battery - so that your Apple watch can remain powered for longer. These bands have a very practical appeal - but they look good too for an added bonus.

Reserve Strap

This Apple watch strap conveys its value straight through its brand name itself. Reserve Strap is a sporty looking replacement watch strap that offers upto an additional 30 hours of battery life to your favorite watch.

Wipower Band

Wipowerband is not exactly a strap in itself - it rather integrates with your existing watch strap to add another 250 mAh battery to your Apple watch. The power band has a substantial design, and is available in several different colors.

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