January 01, 2015

BAPE - for A Bathing Ape - the famed, quirky street wear brand from Japan, has just released its Spring/Summer Lookbook for 2015.


 As one would expect, there are a lot of camo patterns - with the trademark ape hidden inside. The colors are quite bold - you can find camos in hot pink, fluorescent yellow - green, and of course, the usual brown-and-green combo.


The iconic shark makes a couple of appearances too - once on the crotch of a track pant.



Another iconic trademark BAPE design - the dazzle camo - has been rather subdued in the Ladies’ collection. It appears twice - once as a part of an oversize crew neck sweatshirt, and another time on a hat.

Multi-camo makes an appearance on a zip hoodie, a pair of running hoodies, and a bikini. This combination looks delightful - fit to take out for a day on the beach!



Shorts, skirts and hoodies - a lot of them!



Layers, mismatched dresses and exuberant patterns extend throughout the collection - while a number of dresses are carefully mixed and matched along with accessories.

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