February 26, 2015

Banana Republic, the fashion brand owned by GAP, has been facing a flat path over the recent past.

From its origins as a safari-themed clothing retailer, BR has evolved into a more upscale clothing choice for the younger crowd. The strictly casual, street-style language has been replaced by a more refined workwear approach - enabling the brand to command a premium.

The new BR (#thenewBR on Instagram) is looking to make the next move - from a workwear brand to a lifestyle brand. Marissa Webb, the new creative director and executive VP of Design, is very much a part of that strategy.

To instill more excitement around the brand, Webb has even taken Banana Republic to the ramp for the first time - in New York Fashion Week, of all places.

The show itself adopted a middle-of-the-road line - trying to break free from the older influence into a more stylish mold, but just stopping short for some reason.



Outerwear was strongly in focus - long, oversize coats, blazers, long tops and plenty of knitwear and turtlenecks.

Gray was the predominant color by far, with a sprinkling of red, green and pink.

Shoes were all slim-fitted and pointed toes.

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