September 13, 2016

Remember the popular video game Super Mario? It is back in our lives, and how? On our favorite Apple devices! One of the largest gaming franchises of the last three decades will be coming to the App Store for the very first time as a game we all love video game Super Mario.


The Announcement

The iPhone 7 launch on the 7th of September brought many new developments to the fore, most of which were leaked in advance. And even though we managed to predict about the AirPods and dual-lens camera, nobody saw this one coming.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the accomplished Japanese games designer Shigeru Miyamoto on stage to announce the preface of Nintendo's classic game Mario on Apple devices. Until now, Nintendo had refrained from introducing Mario on any smartphone device, reserving the much-loved game of yesteryears for its own handheld consoles. But Apple managed to do the trick by making Mario its signature exclusive game and this development has certainly added another feather in its cap.

The Holiday Season Launch

The game is currently being designed for both iPhone and iPad. It is going to be an auto-runner game named Super Mario Run and is likely to be launched during the “holidays,” which we interpret as Christmas season so you can expect to see the game in the first three weeks of December.

The Requirements to Play Mario Run

To be able to play Super Mario Run, you will need iOS 8.0 or any upgraded software version. It is most likely to run on iPhone 5S (and next generations), iPad Air, iPad mini 3, all iPad Pro devices, and the sixth-generation iPod touch. The initial download will be free of cost, giving you access to a limited yet interesting part of the game. You may have to pay a set price for unlocking the rest of it.

The gaming app will be 1.2 MB in size and will be available in languages that include English, French, Dutch, German, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

The Experience

Even though there won’t be any drastic changes involved, Super Mario Run will be a restructured version of the old game so it can be optimized for a different platform style and can become compatible for the touch screen experience.

Unlike the traditional two-button entertainer where you used both hands, this will be a no button game where Mario runs from left to the right, automatically. You simply have to use one hand to tap to control the timing and strength of his jumps. A longer press on the screen will ensure a higher jump and Mario can collect coins and evade enemies to finally reach the flag pole at the end of the tunnel. It is as simple as that. Even kids aged 4 and above can play.

In the battle mode, one can also choose a battle opponent from a worldwide list of players called the Toad Rally. You can then customize your mushroom kingdom based on the coins you collect by the end of the game.

The New Super Mario Run Sticker Pack

The Super Mario Run sticker pack by Nintendo is now available on the iMessage App Store. These stickers were earlier announced by Shigeru Miyamoto during the iPhone 7 launch event and are now available for those using the all new iOS 10 Beta.

Apple is said to have performed a server update for the iMessage App Store and if you want to find the Super Mario Run Sticker pack, you have to follow these steps:

  • Launch the iMessage

  • Open App tray

  • Tap ‘+’ to initiate the iMessage App Store interface

  • Click on the search icon on the left corner on the top

  • Search for Super Mario

  • You can now install the latest iMessage sticker pack for Super Mario Run

On being installed, the sticker pack will reflect in the iMessage app tray. It features a dozen Mario stickers, wherein each can be sent like an individual message. You can also pin it to photos and message bubbles in an iMessage chat and send it to friends and family. Now, isn’t that exciting?

If Super Mario Run turns out to be a big success, we imagine Nintendo considering further partnerships with Apple that will benefit both these companies. And who knows what may come next, maybe a game for the Apple TV? Let us wait and watch.

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