September 07, 2016

Apple CEO Tim Cook has officially launched the company’s latest generation of smartphone and we couldn’t be happier. Another year, another launch – and Apple continues to amaze the world with its pioneering spirit.

As anticipated, the new product line is called iPhone 7 (and iPhone 7 Plus) and has created quite a stir already. The company has taken a great leap forward by introducing AirPods – a new wireless headphone technology featuring EarPods with Lightning connector. The AirPods are Apple’s answer to a no-fuss listening experience combined with noise cancellation for audio of the highest quality. They will feature the all new Apple W1 chip.

Also, get ready to be blown away by the improved built-in speakers for stereo sound like never before. There are two speakers – one at the top of the phone and the other at the bottom. As a result, you will experience an increased dynamic range and the volume will be twice as loud in comparison to the previous generation of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Also, you can double tap the AirPods to bring on Siri.

With this revolutionary move, the company has ditched the redundant 3.5 mm headphone jack giving the phone a neater, more premium look and feel. While you can always use the AirPods, there is also an additional option of the Lightning to Mini-Phono audio adapter for those analogue devices. The adapter can be plugged into the Lightning port that has been conventionally used for charging. You can then plug in your old pair of wired headphones in it. This is Apple’s earnest effort to drive us from obsolete technology to futuristic innovation.

The Camera
The phone offers optical image stabilization wherein the high-speed image sensor receives 50% more light, owing to the 12 MP camera with six element lens for more sharpness, up to 3 times more exposure, f/1.8 aperture, flicker sensor and a true tone flash with four LEDs. This means even if your hands are shaky the pictures won’t be blurred or low ambient light won’t leave you disappointed. You can still capture beautiful shots and call yourself a decent photographer. And of course, you also have the trademark Live photos which can now be edited!

There is a 7 MP FaceTime HD camera with Auto Image stabilization and wide color capture for those perfect selfies. As if this wasn’t satisfying enough, the iPhone 7 Plus consists of two 12 MP camera lenses – one being the regular 28 mm wide angle lens, while the other is a 56 mm telephoto lens for extreme zoom-in (up to 10x) and intricate detail. The telephoto lens supports real time depth preview which helps elevate portrait photographs using face recognition as the camera highlights the faces close to the camera while softly blurring the rest in the background. The results are bound to mark the advancement in cell phone photography. This feature can be optimized by users with a free software update going to be introduced by Apple later in the year.

Splash and water resistant

About the body, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are splash and water resistant. They are also dust resistant as they come with an IP67 protection standard. You can buy your phone in any of the following colors –



Rose Gold


Jet Black

The new Jet Black finish comes with a seamless, high-gloss finish with a stainless steel Apple logo, while the other black comes with a glossy black Apple logo. The3D touch screen comprises of Retina HD display that makes it 25% brighter, offering a wide gamut of vivid colors in cinema standard.

The eleventh generation of Apple phone comes with a Home button with Taptic engine, lending more responsiveness to the button, and the phone. The handsets launched this time have the highest battery life than any other Apple phone and are set to demonstrate high performance. Our verdict: Apple has outdone itself, once again.

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