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December 26, 2018

Apple products are known to create excitement in the market. Now, all eyes are on the new version of Apple TV which will be the sixth generation model with a significant upgrade in terms of features over its predecessor.

Apple TV is Apple's set-top-box which encompasses a digital media player, a gaming platform and an ecosystem for apps and live streaming. Tech lovers are expecting exciting add-on features to the existing set-top box. If the experts are to be believed, Apple TV 6 will add iTunes radio, airplay from iCloud, share photo streams, podcast syncing and a lot more.


  • Looking at the trends of the release dates
  • Apple TV (first gen): Jan 2007
  • Apple TV (second gen): Sep 2010
  • Apple TV (third gen): Mar 2012
  • Apple TV (fourth gen): Oct 2015
  • Apple TV (fifth gen, 4K): Sep 2017

It is expected to see the possible launch in September 2019 alongside a new video streaming service as the buzz suggests.


Apple products carry the reputation to cater to the premium buyers, and this trend is also reflected in the cost of its products. The current-gen Apple TV costs  

  • 32GB Version: £179 / $179 / AU$249
  • 64GB Version: £199 / $199 / AU$279

Following the trend, the price for Apple TV 6 seems to be around this figure only if not slightly higher


The current Apple TV5 is a 4X4 in a black box and has curved corners with an Apple logo on the top. A new full flat version is likely to be seen in the new release. Though the last two editions have not shown much of the variations with the remote, few additions can’t be ruled out. Furthermore, some enhancements on tvOS are expected along with the introduction of the latest A12 chip which will make AppleTV 6 a potent processing machine. However, Apple TV 5 has Bluetooth 5 which provides wider pairing range along with HDMI 2.0, which offers full support to HDR10 and Dolby vision, therefore, not much of variation is expected here.

Reportedly, people can expect exclusive content as Apple has invested billions for the TV streaming service and is funding the production of its own collection of TV series. The service might remain to be free for Apple customers.

Apple can possibly provide cheaper TV dongle to reach to a larger group. With more gaming options available in the new version of AppleTV, it can present good competition to Nvidia Shield which takes gaming more seriously in the present scenario as compared to Apple.

An open approach to apps and third-party videos remain to be on the expected list.

Apple has done significant advancements in the fields of Face recognition technology and voice commands (Siri) in its iPhone series and it is expected that these advancements will be introduced in the AppleTV 6. While Face recognition will be newly introduced, Siri will be bolstered to synergize with the AppleTV environment and make the user experience more thrilling.

Steve Jobs once described Apple TV as just a hobby product but it still remains to be seen whether Apple would go on to transform the television industry with its cutting-edge products. All hopes are on the launch of AppleTV 6. Fingers crossed.

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