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June 29, 2019

A few days after Apple launched ‘Apple News+’ with the iOS 12.2 update at ‘’It’s show time’’ event on March 25, the company came up with its first beta of iOS 12.3 giving a major boost to the TV app. However, the complete iOS 12.3 was released on May 13. All of the iPhone and iPod models powered with iOS 12 can avail the software.

So, what new does iOS 12.3 offers?

iOS 12.3 comes up with a bunch of features, security patches, bug fixes and some tweaky improvements. The major change however is upgradation of Apple TV app and Air Play 2.

1. The new TV app
  • The Apple TV app brings a new design all-together which features smartly all suggestions and recommendations curating your personalised list.
  •  You can subscribe to Showtime, HBO, Starz and others available to watch in the app directly. You can also share your subscriptions to such Apple TV channels with your family members up to six, without any new app or account or even password.
  • The Apple TV app offers new movies released to buy or rent. It even has a catalogue of around 100,000 movies and biggest collection of 4K HD titles.
  • There is a new section dedicated for kids that offers selected shows and movies curated safe for your kids.
  • It offers Apple TV channels which enables you to watch third-party services within the app itself. 

The new TV app is going to be available in several countries where the older version of the TV app does not exist.

2. Upgrades to AirPlay 2
  • Air Play 2 has now enabled sharing videos, pictures, music etc. directly to Air Play 2 connected smart TV, from iPhone & iPad. 
  • With one-tap playback feature, you can play your desired TV show automatically on the screen you last used depending on time and location.
  • Now suggestions of watching TV shows and movies from Siri gives an option for Air Play.
  • To keep your personal data private, all smart suggestions are done on device.
3. Small interface edits

Besides, some major changes in the TV app, iOS 12.3 brings a few small tweaks here and there throughout. 

  • You will see added sections of Kids, TV shows, movies, sports etc. there is also a new bar for library search and Watch Now at the bottom.
  • There is a new icon with a bit newer design for the TV Remote app.
  • The Wallet app shows list and detail of recent transactions.

4. Bug-fixes and improvements

  • An ability to follow a magazine from the browsing view of Apple News+ catalogue is an added bonus.
  • The tab - Apple Music’s for You, now updates several times throughout the day, which suggests music subjected to genres, artists etc.
  • It fixed the issue of Apple TV Remote, that could prevent it from pausing and controlling video or managing volume.
  • There could have been an issue regarding drop in calls made through Wi-Fi, which is also addressed. 
  • The issue regarding the display of information of song in car, from the connected iPhone is fixed as well.
  • iOS 12.3 brings 23 security patches also.

Our Review

Based on personal experience of using iOS 12.3 update for a while now, here is what we can share with you-

  • Connectivity-

battery life is stable enough across all the devices, Wi-fi is stable and fast as well. Bluetooth works fairly, GPS and cellular data also work normally.

  • Apps-

The third party apps like Spotify, Netflix, Twitter, Slack, Gmail, Dark Sky, Chrome etc. work fairly stable but the first party apps like Safari, Calendar and Podcasts work better than them.

  • Speed-

Just like iOS 12.2, iOS 12.3 is equally fast. So, if anyone is dealing with performance problems in iOS 12.2 or any other version, you can think about going for iOS 12.3 for sure.

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