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October 05, 2019

Apple in its fall event of 2019 shed some major focus on its new gaming service, which is said to be premium and much more than a usual gaming app.  A video game subscription service by Apple called ‘Apple Arcade’ was announced in the month of March during the Spring event this year and is released now on 19th September 2019, in more than 150 countries.

What actually Apple Arcade is?

It is a monthly subscription service that provides limitless accessibility to games, with no additional cost to buy the games in the app or any other cost. The service is made available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV as well.

Key Features

  1. It has a brilliant feature of support cross- save which means, if you are playing something on iPhone at home, you can continue the same on your Mac in your office. It saves your actions via cloud to be accessed across your devices.
  2. The most relieving thing about Apple Arcade is that you will see no ads in the middle of your games and no microtransactions will be happening in them.
  3. There is a Parental control option available for your child to see only their age appropriate games as per your customization.
  4. All the games are specifically designed for Apple devices but a few of them will support the physical controller as well.

Subscription charges

As announced in the iPhone 11 launch event, Apple Arcade monthly subscription is available for $4.99 along with a month free trial. Your subscription provides access to you and to your 5 family members as well. All the upgrades and addition of content will be free of cost or say everything is included in the subscription charges.

About the Games

At the time of its release, 50 games were offered and there are 100 games at present in the Apple Arcade. The games are constantly being added all the time.  The company has collaborated with some big game developing companies and some indie developers as well to create new and exclusive games for this premium service. Bossa Studios, Finji, SEGA, Cartoon network, Konami, LEGO, Snowman, Mistwalker Corporation, Giant Squid, Klei Entertainment, Annapurna Interactive, Usto games etc. to name a few developers. Everything you find in Apple Arcade is going to be completely new and freshly developed by them.

The Apple Arcade games cannot be purchased separately without its subscription. They are available only in iOS App store through Apple Arcade. 

These games can be played offline. You only need to download the game through the Apple Arcade tab (just like any other game in the app) to play them without any internet connection.

User Privacy

No ads, no risk. Since there are no ads, there will be no ad tracking and hence the application is completely safe and secure.

You will not find any game of Apple Arcade available on Google Play Store, for which company is paying quite a price. As per reports of Financial Times, Apple had allotted a $500 Million budget for the same securing purpose. 

The Apple Arcade subscription service is quite a signal from the company to get into the gaming race. With such exclusive games, available in an affordable monthly cost, Apple has taken a big leap into it. The company is debatably the only company to take mobile gaming on a serious level and make it commercially viable. As a result of its commercial success, some of the highly accomplished names in the mobile gaming development have backed Apple in its run.

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