February 09, 2017

A few months ago, Apple introduced its new wireless technology with the revolutionary cord-free earphones called AirPods. These were launched along with the latest generation of iPhone 7 in September 2016. Though they were to be made available in late October, there was a slight delay and the AirPods reached us by early December. Priced at $159, the AirPods are shaped pretty similar to the wired EarPods available with the iPhone 6S, but obviously the cable is not present.

The absence of the wires on the pods has been compensated with Bluetooth connectivity. The wireless pairing system is based on the latest W1 chip, making the pods pair instantly when out of the box, propagating the pairing among all of your Apple devices using iCloud. Let us take a closer look at this much awaited technology, detail by detail.


The Biggest Relief - No Wires To Untangle

Haven’t we all always secretly wished for headphone wires that could untangle on their own? Well, it has finally happened. A single tap and the new AirPods are connected automatically. Easy to use and free of any technical drama, the AirPods can sense when they are fitted in your ears and will pause once you pull them out. The sound quality is as good as when you are listening to the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac.

Siri Appears Simply on Tapping

Talking to the most efficient personal assistant just got easier. All you need to do is double tap one of the two pods and Siri is activated. You can then tell Siri to locate a good restaurant, you can ask for directions, play your favourite playlist or maybe ask to call up a friend - all this without even touching your phone.

A Sneak Peek Into the New W1 Chip

Let us talk about the radical W1 chip in the AirPods and what it does in there. All the pioneering things AirPods stand for are driven by this special W1 chip from Apple. It enables an extremely effective wireless system for better sound and improved connectivity. Its voice accelerometer gets activated when you speak and works in harmony with a pair of microphones to cut out noise so as to focus only on your voice. The chip also works with the motion accelerometers and optical sensors to instantly control the audio while engaging the microphone, allowing you to use either or both of the AirPods. And once the pods are in your ears, they start to play the sound automatically.

The W1 chip also controls the battery life for you to listen to music for up to five hours at a single stretch. If you need to charge, the charging case can offer a quick charge in 15 minutes which allows you an extra three hours of battery.

Seamless Automation and Superior Sound

The breakthrough in technology has allowed Apple to come up with this futuristic set-up. The AirPods can be simultaneously connected to your Apple Watch and iPhone and you can swiftly switch between the sounds coming from the two devices. You may even link the AirPods with your iPad or Mac. All you need to do is select AirPods on these devices and the quality of sound (whether it is a video, a movie or simply your audio song) will transport you into a world of high quality Advanced Audio Coding audio. And the dual beam-forming microphones will filter out ambient noise as you make a call or call on Siri.

Our verdict - An unmatched sound quality and the ease of functionality ensures that the AirPods are worthy of purchase. Just make sure you have an iCloud account along with software iOS 10, macOS Sierra, or watchOS 3.

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