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October 19, 2019

Rumours and our expectations

Everybody of us have loved the 2nd generation Airpods by Apple so far and we have been talking and writing about it in the past. There have been a few features which were expected from the Airpods 2 but the brand let our expectations stay for third gen Airpods. There have been rumours around the Airpods 3 since a long while now and we are all ears to it. 

Below is everything happened around the talk of Apple Airpods 3 this whole year-

  • On 7th October 2019, Ben Geskin posted a rendered image on twitter, which revealed how the Airpods 3 might look like based on some earlier leaks. Along with the image, the post read, ‘’AirPods 3 / Pro is confirming more and more... Here's Protective Silicone Cover for AirPods 3rd Gen on Amazon

which indicates that the Apple’s 3rd generation headphones might come with a silicon cover.

  • On October 2nd 2019, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg on his twitter account said, ‘’ "Looks like the AirPods 3/Pro leak from a few months ago was dead on." Along with the tweet He also posted an image of the protype model of the headphones, which was spotted by  
  • On the same day 2nd October 2019, an image that showed a greyscale design of how the new airpods might look like, was spotted by 9to5Mac. The image, found it in the iOS 13.2 beta had a shorted stem and ear tips. Not just this, they also spotted a ‘Focus Mode’ with an on and off situation but it is not yet clear as to what is it going to be for. We think it could be for the noise cancellation feature which is highly anticipated from the third generation Airpods.
  • Leakspinner on 12th September 2019, spotted a prototype model apparently in the Wild. It showed quite smaller and a bit different Airpods case placed at the back of the phone.  
  • As per Bloomberg’s report of 22 August 2019, Apple is working on Airpods 3 which will be launched by the end of this year. Mark Gurman in the report emphasised over the expected features of noise cancellation and water resistance, which He also did earlier for the previous Airpods.
  • Wedblush analysts on 9th July claimed about the company’s plan to release Airpods 3 by the end of the year. They also talked about increase in price of the product that would come for its design enhancement with reference to waterproofing.
  • On 24th April 2019, the news of Apple coming up with Airpods 3 floated around through Digitimes report. The report claimed that the third gen headphones will come with noise cancellation feature by the en d of this year.

Another report at the same time had Ming- Chi Kuo prediction which talked about not one but two new models of Airpods forthcoming by the end of this year or the beginning of 2020. He said that one of the models will be of the same design as that of the current one and the other as we expect will be of a different new design.

  • On 20th March 2019, while talking about Airpods 2 in a conversation on twitter, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg tweeted that, ‘These AirPods were initially planned to go on sale last year. They’re also working on a future version with noise-cancellation and water resistance. Those were planned for later this year, but would now imagine that’s for 2020.’’ 

Well, with all these conflicting reports, especially by Mark Gurman, it becomes a little complicated to analyse about the launch date of the Airpods 3. Well, there have been many reports or say rumours even before this year but we would like to now talk about what we look forward to in the third generation Airpods. Airpods 2 which launched in March this year itself, have left us with a few things in everyone’s mind that are expected from the new Airpods from Apple such as-

  1. Water resistance
  2. Noise cancellation
  3. Better battery life 
  4. Fitness tracking/ health concerned features
  5. Better control customization 

Will the much awaited Airpods 3 cover up these features and reach up to everyone’s expectations? Let’s hope and wait.

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