December 01, 2018

Apple's October event went unrevealing about AirPod 2 and hence creating more suspense and eagerness towards it.

Whether we look at the teaser coming from Apple itself on September 12 where a woman in the movie wearing AirPods, without tapping the AirPods (which is required in the current one) asks Siri about the fastest way to Steve Jobs Theatre and later jumped into the water wearing the AirPods.(which ofcourse is not possible with Airpods right now). Or we go by the  February reports by Bloomberg, which states that the AirPod 2 which is called B288 internally, will come this year, 2018 itself, will have upgraded wireless chip, which will allow the user to command Siri only by saying Hey Siri, without tapping on the side of the AirPods. Or we believe analyst Barclays, who predicts that the new AirPod will be releasing in 2019 with much efficient noise cancellation features.

With so many clues and predictions flying around, what we know for sure is that right now Apples first generation AirPods are unquestionably the best wireless EarPods in the market, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require an update and still there's a lot of scope for an upgradation. Also, they are the second largest contributor in the revenue of the company (As per Luca Maestri, Apples CFO). Considering this, a second gen AirPod after two successful years will be truly a win-win situation for both the consumer and the company. 

So, observing all the rumors, what can we expect from the next-gen AirPods, lets check out.

1. W2 processor with wireless charging ?

The AirPod 2 might have a new case that will enable wireless charging. Currently, it has the W1 chip, the new one would come with the advanced W2 chip, that is used in Apple Watch series 3. W2 offers higher power efficiency which can be more battery life and addition of features.

2. Hands-free Siri ?

This means that you do not need to use your hands to wake up your virtual assistant.You can command her by merely calling her name. What more shall we ask for !

3. Water resistant or waterproof?

We doubt if you can actually swim wearing your AirPods, though we would love to but we can expect water resistance like maybe you can take a shower, who knows ! Maybe we can expect complete proofing in AirPod 3.

4. Automated ambient sound pass-through?

According to a patent passed in July 17, Apple is working on quite a groovy technology which revolves around how the ear buds tackle the noise outside and also on how the pressure that comes from inside the ear can be managed. This patent suggests a valve system which will enable the cancellation of sound from outside even while listening music or even pass through when required.  This is a higher level of noise cancellation methods which is way better than all existing methods.

Well, this one is like a dream come true. Quite a task for Apple but who can stop us from dreaming!

5. Biometric functions?

Apple being highly passionate about biometric sensors, it is an obvious rumor. Measuring heart rate and body temperature could be another addition in AirPod 2.

 Adding the above-mentioned features to the current AirPod which is super light with a fantastic battery life, seamless pairing, easy set-up and strong audio, will be like making a great product even way better.

AirPods are synonymous to freedom. Of course the next generation AirPods with all such features, just like the users gaining that extra height of liberation, the cost is going to take a hike as well for sure.

End of the year is near and everyone is excited about new AirPods, we are expecting this much-awaited launch in early 2019.

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