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Obsession: Miu Miu Clear Plexi Boots

Is it possible take something something random, and even silly, and turn it into a work of art - an object of desire?

Well, great artists and designers do it all the time. And so has Miucci Prada done with waterproof plastic, silk, and metal screws.

Her Fall/Winter 20114-15 collection (that was so long ago - in March 2014) was absolutely fabulous, but one thing that has stuck in my mind, and will continue that way for a long time, is the clear plastic boots that she introduced as a concept.

miu miu

Object of Desire!

Extremely novel, colorful (available in shades like pink, red, brown, green, and light blue), and sleek - these boots are faintly reminiscent of sporty trends of the 1960s. And if you look really closely at the metal screw heels, you might feel that it is a miniature metal scaffolding.

miu miu clear plexi boots red

Miu Miu Clear Plexi Boots

Indeed, metal screw heels was the overwhelming theme of Miucci’s collection - all her shoes sported this look.

The best part about these boots is the way they wickedly show off your feet while still covering them fully. This is really a challenge to keep your feet perfect and pedicured!

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