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Cartier Guides How to Make “The Proposal”, Just in Time For Valentine

Cartier, the renowned French jeweler, has released a 6-minute film on its YouTube channel. The short film is an ensemble of three love stories, and is directed by the talented British director Sean Ellis (Cashback, The Broken, Metro Manila).

The three stories take place in Paris, and share the same time frame - there is a scene in which the protagonists of all the three love stories cross paths - as reminiscent of several movies of this genre.

cartier proposal

Cartier Proposal

Another way the three stories are bound together is the iconic Cartier red box that appears once in every story as the each of the men protagonists express their love for the woman in their life.

The actors put in great performances in the film, but the real stars, of course, are the Cartier diamond rings that appear in the movie - a Trinity Ruban, a Cartier Destinee, and a diamond wedding band - in that order.

You can even watch each of the three stories individually as a shorter film.

Watch The Proposal by Cartier, and explore the starring diamond rings at the Cartier website:

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