Top 3 Gifts for the Apple Fanboy (or Fangirl)

We all know an Apple fanboy or two. You would too – or perhaps you are one yourself! There is no shame in being an Apple fanboy! In fact, you can proudly stand behind one of the best designed products ever – devices that are as functional as they are beautiful! They are an absolute … Read More >

Best Apple Watch Bands – Adorn Your Wrist

An Apple watch is already a beautifully-designed and well-crafted piece of high fashion accessory that is meant to adorn your wrist. The Apple watch provides a lot of choices to casual buyers with its 38 different variations available – more when you combine it with different Apple watch straps of your choice. However, at the … Read More >

Leather Patina: The Art of Graceful Aging

People that love using leather products particularly cherish the weathered look that comes with regular use and passage of time. It is the hallmark of a high quality, genuine leather product – a patina, a soft sheen that develops on the surface of the leather, imparting a character, a personality to the product. It is … Read More >

Cummerbund: A Gentleman’s Guide

A cummerbund is an absolutely great accessory for someone wearing a tuxedo or in a black tie/white tie event. The pity is, less and less people are doing it now. The trends of modern formal dressing tend not to favor the cummerbund, basically ignoring a very practical and stylish piece of clothing accessory.     … Read More >

Stingray Leather: An Introduction to the Exotic

The Samurai warrior lived by a code of honor, and trusted his life to his sword. The Samurai sword – the Katana – was his constant companion, and was a beautiful piece of workmanship – painstakingly made of high quality steel that was tempered with extreme care, and took several months to construct! When you … Read More >

Know Your Alligator Leather: 7 Tips for the Connoisseur

American alligator leather is pretty much the gold standard in exotic leathers. It is supple, tough, stylish, and is versatile enough to be fashioned into a wide variety of products – ranging from a watch strap to an alligator leather overcoat, with luggage and upholstery in between. Alligators are found naturally ONLY in the USA and … Read More >

Alligator Leather vs Crocodile Leather: How to Differentiate?

Alligator leather is a prime luxury option in leather – exotic and exclusive. Crocodile leather is another exotic leather option, though it is considered a notch lower in the level of luxury and finesse when compared to alligator leather.     This difference is practically reflected in the pricing of the two varieties – alligator … Read More >

Belting Up: Matching Belts with Suits

The thumb rule of matching belts with suits is: the color and finish of the belt should match the color and finish of shoes. This is really simple. Black shoes, black belt. Brown shoes, brown belt.   Another thing to remember: The belt buckle finish should match the other accessories that you are carrying – … Read More >

Oxford vs Derby: When to Wear?

It is recommended that a gentleman have at least one of these variants in formal, laced shoes – Oxford and Derby – as a part of their wardrobe. For those with the good taste (and fortune) to have both of them, there might be a quandary as to when to wear which one. The question … Read More >

Camel Leather – Have You Tried It Yet?

Camel. This one word with two syllables can evoke an imagery of sand-filled deserts like no other. Where sand dunes abound, water is scarce, vegetation still scarcer, and life is tough. Camels, as you must already know, are built for this life. Over centuries of evolution, this animal has honed its body into the perfect … Read More >

Gentlemen’s Guide: 5 Tips for choosing the Perfect Perfume

In the genetic stakes, men have been dealt one weak hand – their sense of smell is not as developed as that of women. As a result, finding the perfect perfume for self becomes a touch-and-go affair for gentlemen – the trick is to find the right smell, and apply it in the right way. … Read More >

Guys: One Earring or Two?

As a kid, I always found men wearing an earring cool. I also remember that I never really noticed which particular ear was pierced – left or right – but I did notice when both the ears were pierced. Then around high school, I learned of the “left is right and right is wrong” rule. … Read More >

Suits Pockets: Flaps, Jets and Patches

Q. How do you prefer the jacket pockets in your suits – flapped, jetted or patched? A. Well, the choice between flapped and jetted pockets will depend on your personal style and preferences.     Jetted pockets provide a slimmer, smoother and more formal look – they remain pretty much invisible on darker shades like … Read More >

7 Tips to Make Your Sock Game Strong

If there was a prize for the most underrated and obscure item in men’s clothing, the socks would win it hands down. The most fastidious of gentlemen, who would otherwise select their ensemble with great care, often falter at the sock game.     You must have noticed this often – you would come across … Read More >

Exotic Leathers: A Primer

Exotic leather is a luxury option for fashion conscious wearers that are looking to distinguish themselves from the humdrum of everyday leathers. By everyday leather, I would mean the hides that are derived from cattle that have been domesticated – or other local, easily available animals. Everyday leathers are great for durability, flexibility and finish … Read More >

How to Rock the Sockless Look: 5 Tips

The sockless look is becoming more and more acceptable – even outside the hallowed circles of the most fashion forward. Going out without a sock is especially practical in summers – when a number of gentlemen develop sweaty feet. Also, when out on a hot day, or on a beach, allowing your feet a healthy … Read More >

Creating the Chemistry – Chanel No 5

For over last 90 years, Chanel No 5 has ruled as the most iconic perfume ever created. Its distinctive decanter-shaped bottle and its smell have long remained the pinnacle of the perfume world. Marilyn Monroe seductively revealed that she wore ‘five drops of Chanel No 5’ to her bed. You would assume that creating such … Read More >

Give Me A (Trouser) Break!

When trying a formal trouser for fit, men will often focus on the waist, and sometimes on the fabric, but a few will look all the way down to check the length. If you are buying a good quality trouser off the rack, you will get it unhemmed – it will be too long for … Read More >