iPhone 8: the 10th – Anniversary Edition Launching Soon

Apple’s 10th anniversary iPhone, the iPhone 8 is the most anticipated phone since the original iPhone that was launched in 2007. The new line-up is expected to be unveiled in September 2017. The product has already created a stir within the buyers. According to Goldman Sachs, iPhone 8 is set to be the priciest iPhone … Read More >

An Insight Into the World of Apple’s Cord-Free AirPods

A few months ago, Apple introduced its new wireless technology with the revolutionary cord-free earphones called AirPods. These were launched along with the latest generation of iPhone 7 in September 2016. Though they were to be made available in late October, there was a slight delay and the AirPods reached us by early December. Priced … Read More >

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Here’s What You Need to Know

While smartphone companies like Sony, HTC, BlackBerry and Motorola continue to recede further into the background, Apple and Samsung remain undisputed titans of this industry, growing stronger year after year. Both the brands have recently unveiled their latest models of smartphones – Apple introduced the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on 7th September, while … Read More >

Apple Users Rejoice As Nintendo Announces Super Mario for iOS

Remember the popular video game Super Mario? It is back in our lives, and how? On our favorite Apple devices! One of the largest gaming franchises of the last three decades will be coming to the App Store for the very first time as a game we all love. The Announcement The iPhone 7 launch … Read More >

Swiping Through a Decade: The Evolution of Apple iPhone

Apple is ready to redefine the smartphone market yet again with the launch of iPhone 7. As the big day approaches, it is certainly getting difficult to potential buyers to contain their excitement. Here’s a sneak peek into what is expected of the San Francisco launch on 7th September 2016. While the upgraded version (11th … Read More >

Color Block Dresses For Men:10 Fine Combinations to Inspire You

Color blocking as a trend has been around for about three years and is a good method of carrying different colors in an outfit. For most men, bold colors are a nightmare, simply due to the challenge of finding the right combination to wear. While men today are open to exploring bolder colors, most do … Read More >

Leather Cuff Watches, Watch Bands and Wide Leather Straps

Leather cuff watches are special. In the case of leather cuff watch, the strap defines the watch, and not the other way round – as with other watches. In the other, usual watches, the leather strap is complimentary to the watch style. The leather band takes a grand center stage, it makes the watch what … Read More >

Left Handed Watches – Lefty Watches for Left Handed People

“Lefty watches?” “You mean there really are any specially made watches for left handed people?” My younger brother asked me with an incredulous look on his face. I blinked and smiled uncertainly – not sure it was just an innocent question or just a left-handed compliment! My younger brother, a left-handed person, was of course … Read More >